Fresh Oil of the Grace of God

We must keep our spirits alive and active so that we can discern properly. One of the greatest tools of the enemy against the believer is apathy. In the book of Revelation, the church is warned against being lukewarm in their spirits. As we intercede, discernment will be a primary key in overcoming spiritual apathy and empty religious motions. 

Our tongues of fire multiply the more we speak life upon others, especially our enemies who lie and say all kinds of hateful things about us. Fresh oil and new wine tongues upon all heads forevermore, then all wrongdoing will cease and we shall have peace after 6,000 years of strife on earth

The Changes of the Christian Tradition

As the shape of Christian Tradition changes and our churches adapt to a new world, we have a choice: we can drive our hearses around bemoaning every augur of death, or we can trust that the same God who raised Jesus from the dead is busy making something new. As long as Christians are breaking the bread and pouring the wine, as long as we are healing the sick and baptizing sinners, as long as we are preaching the Word and paying attention, the church lives, and Jesus said even the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. We might as well trust him, since he knows a thing or two about the way out of the grave.