Christian Paganism

Mankind’s first Saviour was the sun. Modern day Christianity is basically sun worship renamed, revised, and re-written. Jesus takes the place of a sun god, literally the “light of the world.” Biblical references to light and darkness now make sense. “Walking on water,” for example, symbolizes when the sun light is reflecting off the surface of water.
The story of Jesus is the story of the sun’s travels across the sky and through the Zodiac. The twelve disciples represent the 12 signs of the zodiac, or 12 months of the year. His story is the story of this annual precessional. Jesus is the Sun (in the center of the Zodiac circle) and the 12 houses/signs/disciples accompany him everywhere he goes.

“Jesus” comes from the Greek name “Iesous/IHSOUS” and Latin “Iesus.” “Lesous” is adapted from the name of the Greek goddess of healing, Iesos/Iaso, the daughter of Apollo, the Sun-deity.

Sunday was set aside in the Mithra (Roman) cult as its official day to worship its Sun-deity. Roman Emperor Constantine legislated Sun-day as a day of rest dedicated to the Greek and Roman Sun-god, Helios. Constantine worshipped “Christos Helios,” which means “Christ-The-True-Sun.” The Roman Catholic Church chose Sun-day as its sabbath and Protestantism adopted it.

Obelisks, spires, steeples and church towers all come from the pagan worship practices of Babylon and Egypt called sun-pillars. An obelisk or sun-pillar still stands at the entrance of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. These objects represent the masculine (Father/God) symbol penetrating the feminine (Mother/Goddess) to bring forth the child of the universe.

The Winter Solstice is the reason for the season. The solstice is a metaphor for the sun’s birth, death and resurrection. The sun appears to die as it reaches its lowest point in the winter sky, remaining motionless for three days. The sun is then resurrected, or born again, as it begins to slowly rise. And then the annual cycle begins once again. Bringing renewal and a soon to be life-giving harvest of food once again.

Everything in Christianity has it’s roots in the Ancient Wisdom of the Pagans. Many ancient religions had a triune god. Solar triune gods represented the three stages of the life of the Sun and lunar triune goddesses represented the three phases or life of the moon. The Sun is the masculine energy, the moon is the receptive feminine energy receiving her light from the sun.

The Christian trinity is a solar triune: one, the young son at sunrise (God the son); two, adult at noon (God the Father, the most high); and three, dying when the sun sets at day’s end (The Holy Ghost). Three different aspects, but one god – the SUN. The reason that only four gospels were chosen in the official canon is because they represent the four seasons.

There is always one more question: Who designed the designer? Since all gods and holy books are man-made, man is the designer. Sun Worship was more about an esoteric understanding that there was a higher power behind the sun and all it’s glory and life giving energy. Very early man believed that the night sky was a veil and that the stars were piercings in the veil that let the light of God shine through even in the darkness.

Today, there billions of people believe in Jesus, so the Christian populous says he must be god. Belief doesn’t make it true. If you were able to travel back in time with a cigarette lighter, mankind would’ve made you a some type of god as well. There were nature gods, weather gods, gods for everything.

A Christian will tell you “read the Bible, really read it.” Then they will say “you can’t make this stuff up!” I can assure you that I have read the Bible many times and there was plenty to be found to confirm my thoughts. When we take this collective document as literal historical content, it holds no value simply because most of the events never really happened. They are collective metaphors and allegories of a much more spiritual nature. These stories were never intended by their writers to be taken literally.

What about the Ten Commandments you say? I say which ones? The Protestant, Catholic or Hebrew? They’ll all different. In fact, they were all extracted from King Hammurabi’s Laws (the negative commandments) during the times that the Hebrews lived among the Babylonians. There are also two different sets of commandments. Exodus 20 (later smashed by Moses) and Exodus 34 (“the words that were on the first”). There was no wandering in the desert for 40 years, there was no crossing of the Red (Reed) Sea, there was no floating Ark of Noah, there was no walking on water, stilling the seas, resurrecting from the dead, etc. These stories are all spiritual allegories explained in myth.

There were Outer Mysteries (assumed literal events) and there were Inner Mysteries (Truth behind the spiritual nature of the stories). Very few initiates were privy to the Inner Mysteries. Even still today, the Vatican holds many mysteries that the general public will never be told. Rather than releasing the Truth to the people and possibly recovering the ancient spiritual pre-Roman Christian/Krestian teachings to the people and empowering them through the spiritual strength that they teach, they would rather hide the mysteries and continue the facade risking everything that has taken thousands of years to build.

The Principal of Seven

The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.

  1. The Principle of Mentalism – “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”
  2. The Principle of Correspondence – “As above, so below; as below, so above.”
  3. The Principle of Vibration – “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”
  4. The Principle of Polarity – “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”
  5. The Principle of Rhythm – “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect – “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”
  7. The Principle of Gender – “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

The Scales of Maat

The pivotal symbol of the whole painting are the scales: the left one with the feather of Maat, the right one with the heart. The mythology of Libra has first and foremost Egyptian roots. The concept of maat was central to the Egyptian philosophy. It signified Order. The following quotation comes from the book Arts and Humanities through the Eras: Ancient Egypt, edited by Bleiberg and others:

The Egyptian philosophical view of existence was based on the idea that all existence was either orderly or chaotic. Order was called maat while chaos was called isfet. Maat encompassed the physical world,political conditions, and ethical conduct. In the physical world maat meant that the sun rose and set in a regular pattern. Maat also meant that the Nile flooded Egypt on a regular schedule and provided fertility to agricultural fields. In politics, maat meant that the true king sat on the throne and ensured order within Egypt. In Egyptian thought, maat depended on correct personal conduct. In fact correct personal conduct ensured loyalty to the king, which, in turn, supported an orderly physical world. For individuals, maat also meant telling the truth, and dealing fairly with others in addition to obedience to authority. Ultimately an individual who supported maat through his actions could enter the afterlife as a reward.

…the Egyptians believed that the heart was the organ of thought. Yet Egyptian philosophers advised that the silent man who ignored his emotions and who thought before he acted was the ideal. The opposite of the silent man was the heated man, one who immediately submitted to his emotions without giving adequate thought to his actions. Much of Egyptian philosophy counseled against impulsive action without thought.

Justice, a tenet of any philosophical system, was also part of the right order that maat guaranteed. The prime minister, whose job included dispensing justice, was a priest of Maat…. Court decisions also found one party to be “the one who is performing maat,” and therefore the innocent party.

Maat dictated correct and proper behaviour in all social situations and also in relationships, which in astrology fall under the domain of Libra. Maat was especially integral to The Book of the Dead and it is this part of the myth that Johfra focuses on in his painting. The heart of the deceased is weighed against the symbol of maat (the feather denoted truth in Egyptian hieroglyphs). If the two were in balance, the dead were allowed to enter the afterlife. Maat also stood for cosmic order and celestial harmony. The feather as her symbol denotes spiritual lightness understood as the karma that weighs a person down. The ostrich feather was known for its symmetry and harmony of divine design. Having maat meant being attuned to both earthly and cosmic harmony, being free from negative karma, having the heart as light as the feather. Failing the test of Maat meant that the heart was thrown to be devoured by the monster Ammit – part lion, part hippopotamus and part crocodile. The results of judgement were recorded by Thoth.

Preaching to Civil Magestrates

Did you know that John Calvin addressed his masterpiece “The Institutes of Christian Religion” to a civil magistrate with instructions that they should obey the law of God. Furthermore this was not unusual in church history.

Many Christian writings have been addressed to civil magistrates. Almost all of the early Christian apologists directed their work towards the civil magistrates in order to both defend the faith from false accusations and to commend to the civil magistrates the faith for themselves. These Christians in church history were following a model laid out in scripture.

The Apostle Paul who longed to go to Rome, the capital city of the Empire spent many times in court defending the faith and seeking the salvation of the magistrates. Christians are commanded to pray for their civil magistrates. And most likely the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts are addressed to a Roman official/magistrate. This of course is fulfillment of the great commission to disciple the nations and Old Testament prophesy that nations and kings would come to Christ.

Pastors today who would refuse to address the civil magistrates or who would see the work of teaching civil magistrates as a distraction are not following in the tradition of the Church. The Church has a mission to proclaim the gospel to all creation and this most certainly includes the civil realm. The Bible doesn’t make this neat and clean divide between religion and civil government and neither should we.

Shiva and Shakti (Opening the door will start of consciousness)

The story of Shiva and Shakti is a love story.
It’s the story of the quest to be loved within our own being. The reunion with our totality from the union of opposites.

In Hindu tradition, Shakti represents the female principle, it is symbolized by the kundalini snake which is found engraved at the base of the spine, in the sacred bone, where the first chakra is located, and Shiva, the masculine principle linen, located in the upper part of the spine, roughly on the seventh chakra.

When Shakti awakens Shiva, i.e. when the Kundalini reaches its highest form, new plans of understanding are reached. There, in the highest center, Shiva and Shakti make love and from that union all energy and all unturbable consciousness is created, transforming into a pure light and as a spiral of energy, through the portal of Brahma, the seventh Chakra in the coronilla, disappearing into infinity and back to the source. There is no union more powerful than that.

Shiva and Shakti represent the limbs of the vertical axis of the human being, the Wizard and the Empire of the Tarot, intuition and sensation that united, provoke enlightenment. They are the two sides of the same coin, as the Ying and the Yang. Shiva is perception and consciousness. Shakti is creation and change. On a supreme level, both exist in an inseparable union.
History tells Shakti remains asleep. When she awakens begins her journey ascending towards higher energy centers (chackras) transforming into a beautiful Goddess.
Arriving at the seventh chakra in the coronilla, he finally meets his beloved Shiva (our spiritual consciousness) who lies asleep on the lotus flower of a thousand petals.
Then he begins to dance for him, and the love emanates from his dance awakens him. He joins her in that dance and the two, dancing and loving each other, are merged into a single being, the androgynous, half male, half female thus performing the Mystic Wedding, where the opposites unite to return to unity again, i.e. divinity and hu humanity, body and spirit dancing together into one being.

Sometimes spontaneously or even through an accident, kundalini energy awakens into more evolved beings. However, there are various techniques for its activation that range from posture and breathing exercises, to practices of sexual magic, retaining the orgasm and transforming it into an energy fuel for spiritual enlightenment.

When we awaken our serpent, we awaken the very feminine energy of the spirit, physical and sexual, which is the foundation of all creation in the material world, and even the spiritual experience itself.

That awakening, as in fairy tales, turns that terrible snake into a beautiful goddess, Shakti Kundalini, rising through the spinal cord, awakening and undressing the divinity that exist in each chakra. Those active gods mean the well functioning of the chakras, unlocked and harmonized by the Kundalini energy itself.

The great foundation of this tale states that only through experience will we reach our essence. Only through Shakti will we reach Shiva. The vital energy that runs through the inside of the spinal cord is the fundamental detonator both to unlock and balance the horizontal chakras, as well as to ignite the flame of the spiritual crown.

We can then see what it is about a process: the awakening of the Kundalini and its journey through the chakras, one by one to reach its destination. You cannot skip stages or chakras.

You have to experience every step of the ladder of consciousness that is the backbone of the spine. We start at the base with the awakening of vital energy, taking awareness of the body and its sensations. Next it will open the way for balance between emotional and rational.

From there it will open the doors of the heart and consciousness until it finally unites to its essence.

Outside of Universal Law

It’s time for the world and America to wake up and grow up and end the ignorance and beliefs that have nothing to do with God or the origins of humanity. We no longer have the luxury of remaining in ignorance and acting outside of Universal Law.

What is being done in the name of God and country is an abomination. We have been lied to and mind controlled our entire existence and it must end.
Earth has been visited and colonized many, many times going back hundreds of millions of years.

The Annunaki… Those who came from Heaven to Earth were one of these colonizers. Some of these races operated under Universal Law and service to others, others were self-serving and took advantage of the primitive people meaning us the human race.
They came in physical ships and ships that were just pure energy. They had weaponry the human mind can’t even comprehend. Earth was started and restarted many times due to ongoing wars. Sunken cities and pyramids underneath the sea are testimony to these wars.

Governments and Religions know all about this, they know all about our ancient past only to keep hidden, to keep the human race ignorant, divided and brilliantly controlled. There is no right wing, left wing that is all a very destructive distraction. There is a global, a planetary control system that most have no idea about. I know I hammer on the heavily religious but they are totally ignorant to their real handler’s.

This global control system goes off world, they not only control the religions, the monetary system, financial system, medical system but they have controlled our minds and that is about to change. Our entire human history has been one big Manipulation! The DNA of the human race has been spliced and diced many times over millions of years and we are just now becoming that inter-dimensional human hybrid that we were meant to be and this global control system fear it.

We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the story does have merit if you know the science and who the real players are. The Bible makes sense when interpreted esoterically. We are all one consciousness, it encompasses all of us, it’s that spark that sits in the seat of the soul next to the heart and when activated we are unstoppable.

The solution for world peace and the end to war is to awaken to truly how things happened here on Earth. We need to Awaken to the real truth to understand the connection between the human race, our Galactic ancestors and what God truly means.

To this day we have been under Draconian Law or some people call it the Archonic grid. We need to ask ourselves why is there so much inhumanity… Meaning death, suffering, pain, satanic child sacrifice, pedophilia, war and disease etc.

These inhumane acts are planned and sponsored by these off world negative entities. It’s time to wake up and put an end to this separation game. This will be the solution to personal freedom and planetary liberation.

Earth is in the time of liberation and these dark entities are being casted out by some very benevolent races the Pleiadians, the Arcturians and many other positive races here to help our race and our planet be free. These positive forces have taken down the Draconian grid and have put in place the 5D grid and many of us have been feeling the effects.

This is a trans-dimensional, inter-dimensional war and has already been won. The armies of God meaning your guides, the guidance we’re getting from the positive ET’s, your angels, saints etc. This guidance is multi dimensional and they come here on ships as described in our ancient texts. Many of them are physical, some are pure energy and some have magnified light bodies. Do not fear these ships that are coming because they’ve always been here.

The fallen Annunaki, Draco that have stepped out of Universal Law are answering to this higher benevolent council as we speak. Some will be rehabilitated some will be sent back to source. I couldn’t ask for a more exciting and incredibly important time to be alive!

It is Becoming Clear

Lets think about something….. just because a bunch of people, at the top of the political and governmental structure…. worship something or someone called lucifer…. and they even sacrifice babies in private…. drink blood, plan wars as mass human sacrifices, etc…. is THAT the EVIDENCE of how REAL it is? Even if they are having EXPERIENCES and encounters and the world around them is confirming and affirming in them, what they believe in, is real… is it?

How many millions of people with an image of a white european jesus, and paintings of him coming on a horse in the clouds with an army or angels…. believing in a rapture, and a plan of escape….. how many millions of dollars are spent on fortifying these beliefs with films, and books, and conferences…. and people have real experiences, encounters, the world backs up and confirms to them, that what they believe, is real, the truth…..

Millions of children believe in santa clause, they worry about being a good boy or girl, they write letters, they think long n hard about what they want for christmas, they fear getting coal in the stocking, and they have dreams, and experiences, and the world validates and affirms what they believe is real……

What makes something real???? is it because WE EXPERIENCE IT??? Is that what makes it FACT? Because the Bible says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HE WHO BELIEVES….. ALL THINGS MEANS ALL THINGS MEANS….. WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IS TRUE, will be TRUE FOR YOU…. whatever you THINK YOU CAN EXPERIENCE is a POTENTIAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU….. So its actually YOUR BELIEF that causes YOUR EXPERENCE…. Jesus even said that to the people who were healed…. YOUR FAITH, HAS MADE YOU WHOLE!!!!
Which reality is more of a lie??? Lucifer in the sky??? Or Jesus in the sky???? Which one is more true???? or are the both equal in potential??? Is it the Reality of Lucifer or Jesus that affects you???? Or is it YOUR BELIEF in Lucifer or Jesus that makes them REAL IN YOUR EXPERIENCE????

YOU are the OBSERVER. YOU are the ONE Looking….. and WHAT YOU SEEK, YOU WILL FIND. But at the end of the day, it was YOU who BELIEVED, YOU who LOOKED, and YOU who EXPERIENCED. How many of us, our idea of Jesus, perception of Christ has CHANGED and EVOLVED over the years? And as our BELIEFS evolved, our EXPERIENCE evolved……..

Im not discreditting that there are realms of darkness, in which are the experience of devils n demons….. im just saying they only exist in darkness, and darkness is ignorance, its not truth….. and those things DO NOT EXST IN TRUTH….. they dont exist in the Awareness of the Pressence of the God who is Love and Light…. who is ONE…. the more you start waking up to our cultrural programming, to our religious beliefs, to our education….. and seperating yourself, the TRUTH of YOU from the BELIEFS you hold….. you begin to start seeing each word and its effects upon your consciousness, your lens, your filter…… you begin to start taking control of the narrative……
You begin to realize there is no difference between the luciferian or the christian…… all religion keeps people seperated in their mind, performing for some distant god, trying to get approval and rewards, and desiring to be noticed with special attention and to win some special place in the heirarchy….. yes there may be some extremes that seem to make luciferianism so much worse than christianity, but when you do the math through the ages, just as many deaths, tortures, kidnappings, human trafficking, you name it….. was done in the name of jesus, and christianity….. yes, not the majority of people, but the extreme poles…. just like most people tricked into luciferianism are not intending to be some crazy extremist…. they are just looking for something…. and they think theyve found it….. in one church there are people in pews with good intentions thinking they have found it, n screaming halleluyah, and jesus lives….. while in their mind imagining white jesus distant and far off hoping they make the cut, and at the fromt there is a ministering doing healing, and faking it, and someone playing along with him that theyve been healed, and people are running to te alter throwing money down….. there are degrees to deception, just like there are degrees to freemasonry…… there are degrees to religion……

At the end of the day though, what is the truth? An omnipresent breath, that gives consciousness equally unbiasedly to all, activating imagination and intelligence, and the power of belief….. all are equal, and all have potential of all tings, but all are born into families, tribes, societies, cultures, and conditions, and their minds are conditioned to believe, and what they believe they experience.

REPENT (CHANGE YOUR MIND) for the Kingdom of GODSELF is at hand, the LIFE OF GOD is omnipresent, in him we live we breath we move we have our being…… GODS MIND is omnipresent, and we are WITHIN IT and created BY IT, NOW, IN THE MOMENT, not in the past, RIGHT NOW we r being CREATED and SUSTAINED by the UNCREATED LIFE that we are MOVING IN AND BREATHING IN…. the LIGHT of CHRIST that is not distant and far off, it is the LIGHT OF EVERY MAN THAT COMES INTO THE WORLD, and HIDDEN WITHIN ALL AS A MYSTERY WAITING TO BE REVEALED.