Waking up is easy

“I tell you, there are millions of people on Earth spiritually awake, who no longer swallow the unmixed “official truths”, who see beyond appearances, who no longer let themselves be manipulated.

There are more levels of acceptance. For example, there are people who accept to wear a mask all the time, who accept to be locked inside for months, who will accept to be mandatory a certain vaccine; but things won’t stop here, they’ll get more and more nse and to at some point, it will come to some things that will be too much even for these people.

My hope is that we will grow vibrational enough (and implicate, we will be able to raise the vibration level of the collective fast enough), that we change the timeline and avoid reaching, as a collective, at that moment in which things are so hard that even those who accept the things listed above say “Not really! This is too much! “.
Restrictions/bans/rules (collective population control) may end up being much tougher than what it is now, so this is just the beginning. I hope we don’t get to experience that time line where population control will reach this level.

Surviving the Great Tribulation

In these times called the Great Tribulation, the Earth and the physical body are undergoing major changes.

On a planetary scale, there’s a massive change happening. Giant light influx coming on Earth. That is, the veil of separation and denial is rising.

Earth’s changes create physical changes in the human body right now. The Earth moves and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation that took place in the human body at the cellular level. Practically, the human body is formed using a completely new combination of elements that alter its molecular structure. Our genetic code is changing.

The changes happening now in our body are information that is coded in our DNA and is now activated. All the information from our species plan is found in the cellular DNA of our body. Everything we need to know about everything is within us.

As you know, our DNA is evolving from a 2-stread double spiral to a 12-stread double spirAL. This new guy was initially in the human bodies at the time of our creation more than 300,000 years ago. What is happening today is that these frequencies enter the human body more easily. It’s like the cells should split a little and release themselves if that makes sense. They aren’t this frozen anymore.

So this means a lot of people are waking up and starting to remember at this point and everything has been predetermined. I mean, everything is encoded in our DNA. Everyone will wake up no doubt, some are a little late but it will happen… its inevitable .

Practically, we are given the chance to leave this physical heavy and dense body to a lighter body. I tell people the more you open the more light you attract, which is information. What happens is becoming a receiver and transmitter that attracts more and more information. So when your guide I see this, they will know you ready for more advanced communication, let’s say. That’s why I say that when you open these frequencies they will start flowing where there is greater information, given with higher light.

What is happening now is that your ethereal body vibrates at a very high frequency and your physical body is trying to catch up with the Ascension symptoms. Headaches, flu-like symptoms, ringing ears, muscle cramps, pain and joint pain etc. etc. Molecular structure accelerates, but physical structure remains behind.

Everything is trying to adapt to these new frequencies muscles, skin, organs, glands, nerves etc. Your nervous system is influenced by these incredible frequencies.
This expansion of consciousness during cellular transformation is literally drawing you into worlds that are beyond potential and becoming real. By surrendering to this transformation you free your limited existence. As you get closer and closer to Ascension, you will wake up leaving things, the feeling of release. The parts of your brain that have been latent in the past are awakened. You are reconnected and things are redirected. So be easy on yourself when you feel completely confused! The more you are aligned with this flow, the more you become the captain of your ship.

This is an incredibly tough transformation, because think about it… Go through a fundamental renovation in your home, your body on a cellular level. You’re re-connected, breaking the old roof, unplug old plumbing etc. while you still live there.

In order to change your DNA, you must change your thoughts and emotions. Freeing yourself from this limited existence. I mean you’re changing your biochemistry. When this modification is made, you may feel dizzy, nauseous. Become genetic engineers of the New World species. You will build your new body while you live in it.

During a cellular transformation, some will experience skin re-pigmentation. Within 25 years, the human skin, which is an organ, will become slightly dark because the blood capillaries due to these higher frequencies are drawn closer to the surface, therefore the darker shade.

Your body goes through a circle of time and you return to this original time sequence (the time of our original creation) The headaches during this shift are caused by the pressure of this expansion.

We switch on many fronts. At the cellular level, changing our DNA and altering our blood, central nervous system, bone marrow, how the brain creates and how it receives information from God’s Source. These changes are happening internally, but eventually they will bleed on the external body. Some will experience weight gain or weight loss during this inner transformation.

The body knows exactly how to reorganize because this process is coded in your DNA. and it will be different for every individual. This is a natural process, but what the human species now understands is how to help this process from the outside. We become aware of the direction our body is heading because the more conscious you are, the more control you will have over this natural process.

We become aware of the weakening of our immune system due to the acceleration of the central nervous system. It’s like putting a 100 watt light body in a 40 watt bulb socket. We are infused with more light and our physical bodies are trying to play behind. That is, there is a greater amount of amplitude in the energy we receive. Feeling the symptoms of an adjustment This new energy is connected through the central nervous system and many have extreme problems with it, that’s why grounding is very important.

As you take over this new Light Body, most of your organs and glands will no longer be needed and eventually disappear. As more and more light becomes available, SNC will trigger neurological impulses like crazy! The intensity will sometimes be overwhelming.
When this happens, the nervous system will immediately attempt to dissipate this intense energy, sending it through the spinal cord. Then this energy will follow the path and trigger these energies to the muscle system, where the muscle tightening and cramps some of y’all feel.

This trigger also takes place in blood vessels, resulting in limited circulation. When the trigger of this energy takes place in your skin you may experience thermal sensations… feelings of being very hot or real cold, stinging or itching etc. If these energies are supposed to be triggered in organs and glands, they can inhibit their normal way of functioning. . .

Restructuring your DNA means you will no longer have many chakras, you will no longer be a stratified consciousness, you will no more be a body with independent systems, you will not contain spaces, without gaps in your conscience or in your DNA. appropriate. You will be a model of integrity without goals or separations. You’re building something that can’t be described… “
Source: Teri Wade

Got Out of One, There Are Many

First Source has created fragments of Itself in the form of individuated self-conscious Entities. We are these Entities. Our existence and life expression within the universe is thus referred to as the Entity Model of existence.

The goal of the Entity is to express its true wisdom through an evolved portion of its consciousness, termed the Sovereign Integral. Although the stage upon which this growth of consciousness takes place is within a universe of many dimensions (the multiverse), the space-time dimension is the primary field of the Entity’s exploration and consequent development. In short, we are designed to explore the space-time domain as individuated agents of First Source.

Life is perfect in its resolve to expand and express an intelligence that is limitless. This is the fundamental purpose of life in all its diverse manifestations, and this is the presence of First Source—expressing ITSELF as a vibration of equality—that can be observed in all things. Sensory input derived from the human instrument is limited to frequencies in specific ranges that only convey an echo of this Source vibration. The true frequency is understood through deliberate and focused contemplation of equality inherent in all things, and the ability to penetrate beyond the picture of a thing to the origin of the picture.

These insights require a new sensory system beyond the five-senses that rule the human world in your time. These new senses are the outgrowth of the Source Code activation, and represent the first stage of the transformation experience. With this new perceptual ability, the human instrument will be capable of sensing not only the presence of First Source, but also the timeless essence within all life that is individualized and uniquely separate from First Source.

The transformational experience is the realization that the entity model of expression is capable of direct access to Source Intelligence information, and that the information of First Source is discovered within the entity level of the Sovereign Integral. In other words, the human instrument, complete with its biological, emotional, and mental capabilities, is not the repository of the entity’s Source Codes. Nor is the human instrument able to reach out and gather in this liberating information—this glorious freedom to access All That Is. It is the entity that is both the harbor of, and instrument of access to, the Source Coding activation that permits the transformational experience to manifest through the integration of the human instrument and the sovereign entity.

It is for this reason that when the human instrument projects gratitude to the Universal Entity, regardless of circumstance or condition, life becomes increasingly supportive in opening the human instrument to activate its Source Codes and live life within the framework of the synthesis model of expression. The feeling of gratitude coupled with the mental concept of appreciation is expressed like an invisible message in all directions and at all times. In this particular context, gratitude to the Universal Entity is the overarching motive behind all forms of expression that the human instrument aspires to.

Every breath, every word, every touch, every thought, every thing is centered on expressing this sense of gratitude. A gratitude that the individual is sovereign and supported by a Universal Entity that expresses itself through all forms and manifestations of intelligence with the sole objective of creating the ideal reality to activate the individual’s Source Codes and transform the human instrument and entity into the Sovereign Integral. It is this specific form of gratitude that accelerates the activation of the Source Codes and their peculiar ability to integrate the disparate componentry of the human instrument and the entity, and transform them to the state of perception and expression of the Sovereign Integral.

One of the best methods to transmute energy is through one’s belief system. All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing chambers for the manifestation of the belief. Within these energy systems are currents that direct life experience. The human instrument is aware of these currents either consciously or unconsciously, and allows them to carry it into the realm of experience that exemplifies its true belief system.
By cultivating beliefs that expand and transform energy, the human instrument is able to engage energy systems that are nurturing to life in all its myriad forms. When beliefs are clearly defined as preferred states of being, the energy system is engaged in nowness—not in some future time. Now. The energy system becomes inseparable from the human instrument and woven into its spirit like a thread of light. Clarity of belief is essential to engaging the energy system of the belief, and allowing the nurturance of life to prevail in all activities.
These life principles are Source Intelligence templates of creation. They are designed to create reality from the perspective of the Sovereign Integral and hasten its manifestation within the fields of vibration that have thus far repelled it. They are principles that construct opportunities for the integration of the entity’s formless and formful identities. They are bridges that the human instrument—with all its componentry intact—can use to experience the Sovereign Integral perception of wholeness.

Many Are Waking Up

“I tell you, there are millions of people on Earth spiritually awake, who no longer swallow the unmixed “official truths”, who see beyond appearances, who no longer let themselves be manipulated.

There are more levels of acceptance. For example, there are people who accept to wear a mask all the time, who accept to be locked inside for months, who will accept to be mandatory a certain vaccine; but things won’t stop here, they’ll get more and more nse and to at some point, it will come to some things that will be too much even for these people.

My hope is that we will grow vibrational enough (and implicate, we will be able to raise the vibration level of the collective fast enough), that we change the timeline and avoid reaching, as a collective, at that moment in which things are so hard that even those who accept the things listed above say “Not really! This is too much! “.
Restrictions/bans/rules (collective population control) may end up being much tougher than what it is now, so this is just the beginning. I hope we don’t get to experience that time line where population control will reach this level. “

Egypt Cross, The Ankh

The Egyptian cross, also known as Ankh or Anj, was originally an Egyptian hieroglyphic used to represent the word “life”. By extension, this cross became primarily a symbol of life.

As usual in many symbols of religious or spiritual origin, there is no single meaning for this symbol. Throughout history, this symbol and its variants have been used by different cultures and religions that have given it different meanings.

Among the Egyptians it was primarily a symbol of life or immortality. In this sense, he also had a certain relationship with death and the rites associated with death.

The Ankh symbol has also been interpreted as a symbol of balance between opposing forces, for example, between masculinity and femininity. It can also represent joy, energy and fertility.

One of the interpretations of the meaning of this symbol ties it with sexual union and therefore with fertility and life. This allows to understand this symbol not only as a symbol of present life but also as a symbol of future life and immortality.

Despite having its origin in Ancient Egypt, this cross has also been important in Christian culture in which it has been known as ansata crux. In recent years, the Egyptian Cross has also had remarkable importance among different modern cultural movements.


Within the Egyptian hieroglyphic system, the Ankh represents the set of three consonants: Ꜥ-n- ḫ. This sequence of consonants appears in different words from the ancient language spoken by the Egyptians.

The most important word in the ancient Egyptian language containing these three consonants is the word life. This sequence also appears in the words to design a mirror or bouquet of flowers.

Despite the great importance of this hieroglyphic in Egyptian writing, its origin is still a reason for debate among experts.

Egyptian hieroglyphics always represented an object with a physical representation in the real world: a fish, a house, a bird, etc. In this sense, there is no consensus on the object that this hieroglyphic might have represented.

Some experts claim that this hieroglyphic represented some sort of important knot in Egyptian culture. This theory may be reinforced by the fact that the older versions of this hieroglyphic appear with slightly curved arms and of different length.

According to other theories, this hieroglyphic could have represented the strap of a sandal, a mirror, or a union between male and female sexual attributes.

In Egyptian art, the Ankh symbol often appears as a representation of life. Thus, it is very common to represent Egyptian gods holding an Ankh symbol by its upper arm. This symbolized that life was in gods hands.

It was also common for the representation of a god holding a symbol of this cross near the mouth or nose of another god or a pharaoh. This scene represented the power of the gods to give life to the pharaohs and secure their eternal existence.

One of the goddesses most often appeared represented holding this cross is the goddess Hathor. Within Egyptian mythology, Goddess Hathor played an important role. Hathor was considered the mother of god Horus and god Ra. This made her associated with the feminine aspects of the god Ra. Some of her main roles were related to joy, dance, music and sexuality.

Within Egyptian culture, the Ankh symbol was also used in all kinds of charms. The charms were associated with the attributes of god or virtue they represented. In this case the Ankh amulet was used to represent life. The Egyptians used them in their everyday life but also as an offering for the dead to accompany them in life after death.

The charms with this shape were mostly blue black or blue. The materials used for their manufacturing were gold, gold and silver alloy, as well as ceramic. It is possible that the material and color of these charms also had a particular importance among the Egyptians.

Among Egyptian culture, the Ankh was also known as “the key to the Nile”. The key to the Nile was also a representation of the union between opposites. In this case it represented the union between Isis and Osiris. According to Egyptian beliefs, this union and the fight between these two elements were the source that led to the annual flood of the Nile.


In modern western culture of the 20th century the Egyptian cross has resurrected as a symbol and has been often used for tattoo and jewelry designs. In this sense, it has been mainly used as a symbol of vitality and immortality.

The Ankh has had a special importance within some current subcultural movements. Among them, the Gothic Movement.

It has also been the main symbol of Egyptian kemetism or neopaganism, a modern religion based on the practices of ancient Egyptian mythology.

The Ankh symbol has also been linked to the knot of Isis or Tyet. This symbol is also a symbol of eternity and holds a certain geometric similarity to the Ankh. The main difference is that in the case of Tyet, the side arms of the cross are bent down. It is likely that within Egyptian culture the Isis knot had a very similar meaning to that of the Ankh.


It is likely that the symbol of the ansata cross would also serve as an inspiration for the creation of some scientific symbols used from the 17th century.

This symbol holds some similarity to the symbol originally used to represent the planet Venus. This symbol was used among the first astronomers, although today the International Astronomical Union discovers its use. It’s still being used by astrologers today.
By extension, the same symbol was used among alchemists to represent the copper element. A material initially associated with planet Venus.

This symbol related to planet Venus was also associated with femininity. Along with the symbol associated with planet Mars is one of the current symbols to indicate gender.

Also the gods Atum and Sejmet were habitually represented holding the Ankh. Atum was considered the first god, able to have created himself. Sejmet, on her part, was considered the goddess of war and her representation with the Ankh represented the protection she offered to the pharaohs during the war.

Pandora’s Box

The opening of Pandora’s Box, which released the ‘evils of the world’ into existence, is perhaps one of the most well known of the Greek myths. However, much of the original meaning has been subject to cultural variations and scholarly interpretation. Myth is the language of the spirit, and a living reality in the present as long as we human beings are open to the romance and timeless profundity of life.

Pandora was the first woman in Greek mythology, created by Zeus, fashioned with beauty by Aphrodite and adorned with wisdom and artistry by certain other gods on mount Olympus. She was also bestowed, according to the myth, with less flattering attributes such as deceitfulness and cunning to better her status in the affairs of men. Zeus, still brooding and angry with Prometheus for stealing the secret of fire, arranged for Pandora to be given as a gift to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. Although warned not to accept gifts from the gods, Epimetheus was delighted to receive her. After a while, curious of a box (apparently a large jar used for storage of grain and sometimes a human body prior for burial), Pandora removed the lid, thereby releasing the diabolical contents and although she hastened to close it again, it was too late. The box was empty except for one thing remaining at the bottom: Elpis, the deity of hope, which also means ‘suffering’ in older translations of the myth.

The myths were created in the psyche in an era of human evolution when Man was in the process of becoming a self-conscious being. Pandora’s Box is symbolic of the body of mankind. In its pure state the box has nothing inside and is the purified space of love. It was not unlike the Arc of the Covenant, which was also emptied of any corruptive impurities. But as time and past began to build up in the psyche, blockages began to impede the flow of life. The pent-up psychic force reached a peak and penetrated the surface of the earth. This was the disease of time as an effect in existence which set in motion the long arduous descent into matter, and was the dawning of human nature.

The myth of Pandora’s Box, like all the great myths, is demonstrable in our ordinary living experience. The release of the ‘evils of the world’ is a familiar experience whenever there is an emotional outburst such as anger, hate, accusation or cruelty. When this happens, the reactionary self is a conduit for the degenerative effects of the human condition of unhappiness. Pandora’s Box is the body, the container of the essence of life. In the mythic consciousness, Zeus and the other gods had yet to fully externalise as physical beings. They could enter existence in physical form but were able to withdraw at will to the formless inner reality behind the appearance of the world.

Pandora has been largely misunderstood, just as Eve was blamed for the ills of mankind in the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden. Pandora is really the personification of love. It was ‘She’ in disguise, arising from the spirit of the earth, who valiantly unleashed the forces of existence to seemingly impose on humanity the most dreadful and heinous fate imaginable. But what must be endured as affliction and hardship is paradoxically the only way back for human beings to reclaim their original freedom. Until Pandora had opened the box, the state of immortal life had been the exclusive domain of the gods. The release of the evils of the world served to undermine the supremacy of the gods over mortal man. Thus was love the saviour of mankind.

The deity of hope was the only remnant in the box. But is there any hope in this world where everybody dies? Obviously not. But it’s a precious piece of propaganda that the human race clings to as comfort and avoidance of facing life as it is. Hope is the last thing that disappears when all is known to be lost and death is inevitable. Strangely, or miraculously, in that moment all fear vanishes and what remains is love. To me, the older translation of the word Elpis as ‘suffering’ is more appropriate, because to transcend hope while in the midst of living involves enormous self-sacrifice. Nobody has ever found God or freedom without undergoing tremendous inner turmoil and upheaval in external circumstances.

The spiritual task is to purify the inner space of the body through being emptied of negativity. Any moment when the unconscious force of self overwhelms the person, it releases the lid of Pandora’s box. Each of us is apportioned an individual box of karma, the past ignorance of humanity, to be faced as the difficulties in the living life. Suffering rightly is to have the knowledge of a higher purpose and to be willing to be disabused of the rational misconception of love and truth. The deeper the love of God, or the mystery of life, the more excruciating is the pain of detachment from the world. The highest truth demands the ultimate surrender, which Pandora in her wisdom knew would eventually triumph over adversity.

Truth Movement and Freemasonry

I know that this may be hard for some of ‘ya’ll’ to believe because so many in the ‘truther movement’ still have ‘eyes wide shut’ and are super polarised by the also brainwashing effects of the ‘anti this, anti that’ vibe, but listen to me… because trust me, I know.

Freemasonry, in simple terms is literally an organisation using ritual drama to go through certain steps to reach ‘masonic light/enlightenment’… they don’t actually do the type of ‘ceremonial magick’, ‘casting spells’ and ‘calling on entities’, that one might think they do, many have described it as a modern day ‘mystery school’, that also incorporates ‘societal values’ like charity work into what they encourage their initiates to take part in, freemasonry holds alot of history and old age practices aswell as wisdom within… in most aristocratic families that span all the way back to Rome etc… it is part of their family traditions to (as soon as their children hit 18), to be initiated into societies like and similar to the freemasons, before you delve into the occult at all, there are things that you have to know… such as (you don’t learn ‘good’ or ‘bad’ knowledge) as there isn’t really ‘good’ knowledge and ‘bad’ knowledge… it’s how you use it, and because of the way that these children have been brought up from birth, they obviously use it to help their families agendas on the world, can freemasonry do anything about this… not really, because they are controlled (just like any big organisation) by people like the cousin of the queen… and, allot of the time, these ‘Aristocratic teens’ are initiated into lesser known lodges, braches of MASONRY and groups that are governed by others then the york rite etc, (like Egyptian freemasonry which has 99 degrees) that may be more suited to a specific belief in ‘what to do with the knowledge’ etc, but at the most popular and publicly known level, it is a way to help people lead ‘better lives’ through the realisation of masonic ritual drama.

You may ask (why would they let anybody learn this), and to that I say… they ‘like’ people that find their way to the Occult and teach it, as long as you aren’t distorting their agenda in anyway, make of that what you will.

Am I in any way ignoring the facts that the large amount of wealth amassed by these certain groups may not be being directed to more ‘sinister things’, just like McDonald’s, Primark, Walmart and Texico etc, NO… but do the general participants have any knowledge or power in this matter, not really… so I believe that there are many institutions and more that need to be ‘boy-cotted’ in order to make the world a ‘better place’, but in the case of masonry (a thousands year old mystery tradition that the world would not spiritually progress without), but rather remove those using it in un-balanced ways if we all really want the future that we speak about… so there is absolutely NO point in going on the way that people are, as occultism, esotericism, mysticism, magick, tantra, masonry, gnosticism, druidism, paganism, voodoo, astrology, kabbalah, spiritualism, mystery schools and more… are never, will never and CAN NEVER go away, only the ways that they are effecting us, used, harnessed, taught, learnt, spread, practiced, written about and institutionalised will!

The Light in Everything

There is a light in everything here we see, to some degree, as everything is fundamentally based around the principles of light vibrations and the energy we have to transmit or receive.

Therefore our individual concept of perception is based on what we can and what we can’t see simultaneously. As polarity in this third dimension is obscured within the dark confines of our own ignorant one dimensional minds.
Not everyone will understand or be able to see reality as it is, as dualism dictates to both the conscious mind aware and unaware.

Unless the light we have within us has been guided and given the touch of conscious reality, it remains contained inside of us under terms and conditions and vaguely forbidden.

If we don’t see the light in ourself, or relate to nature as we are designed, then we cannot see it’s potential in each and every other soul.

The closed mind is prized open, gradually in a sequence of events or encounters, designed to awaken us on our light ascension path. The destination has always been light orientated.

Nature and mysticism combined assist un our individual alignment, as we continue to walk the pathway of illumination by becoming the initiated one mentally, emotionally and physically. To be unified or not to be is guided by the light we have inside to shine…

No one else other than you can be your most authentic individual self, light mastered to ascend, naturally and consciously.

The solitary path and the Hermetic principles, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Christ Consciousness,

Alpha Omega, various religions throughout history are but a few of the routes taken by initiates who have been intent to evolve consciously. The competition or the Holy Quest is initiated from within you, when you turn the switch on and tune in as using heightened states of awareness to engage and activate what is within you.

(Poetry) They Will Call You

Being that you were born with the gift of seeing things differently and that scares them, they will call you “intense” because you were born with courage and courage to allow you to live and feel everything fully and that intimidates them

They will call you “selfish” because you discover that you are, an important being in the Universe and that doesn’t benefit them….

They will call you “conspiranoic” because you see the control and manipulation that exercise in the systems over all of us and that does not suit them

They will call you “weird” because you don’t do the same things as the masses, because you get out of the mold and create your own reality

They will call you “absurd” for having different beliefs that they have infused us from childhood

You will be called “disrupted” because you act differently, as established, and because you help, teach, talk about universes and stocks

They will call you “dangerous” for not following their rules, pre-established rules and how you create your own way of life

They will call you “illusional” because you know that we live in a Universe of infinite possibilities, in which everything is possible

They label you in many ways, with judgments and condemnation; but remain firm in your desires and fidelity to your essence, because in the end you will be recognized for what you convey, infect and are, by your magic.

Do not let them lead you to your ground, lower the level of Vibration, create your own path into your inner and trust, if you doubt anything, investigate, if you disagree with any idea for more than many people believe it, seek in you inner

No longer believe everything they tell you, draw own conclusions and manifest your true Being

Always from love, always from Consciousness.