Africans Are Israel

The original first humans were dark skinned, like the people you see in Africa today, genetics prove it too, genes go from dark to white not white to dark also the darker genes always overcome the lighter ones, this puts many things in perspective as to who truly the Jews are, they are not the ones living today in modern day Israel these are Khazar Jews originated from Russia and simply adopted Judaism into their culture, the true Jews are the dark melanated Hebrews also known as Africans who lost their identity and are reclaiming it in droves for the spirit of all things is pouring out on his people, problem is they are still as stiff necked people as they were back then and very few of them will be saved, same as then, now we are living at a time where the fulfillment of the gentiles is coming to a close, meaning people like myself white gentiles are receiving the spirit and prophesying even more so than the original Jews but Judah and the rest of the tribes will be awoken soon, so hate not your brother Judah but know we are all in this together, the promise of Abraham was that all nations will be blessed through him which includes both gentile and Jew and all will become YasharEL who are straight to God.

Turning Within

Guess what: the most trustworthy theology we will ever subscribe to is turning within ourselves to find Real God, which becomes crystal clear as we follow our intuition, i.e. self-education. Those who go within are not merely informed but completely transformed.

Yours truly may sound utterly heretical, at least according to the devotees of exclusive religion; but the truth is that every worldview finds its inception with a degree of heresy. Every game-changing movement is only possible when people think outside of the box.

Keep in mind that the most notable ascended spiritual masters of history were critical thinkers who advocated for soul ascension and the spiritual evolution of human beings. Inclusive spirituality offers such encouragement as this, as opposed to its rigid counterpart.

Believe it or not, but the truth is that the Great Spirit indwells us, ever surrounds us, and manifests itself as each one of us. We are vessels for transcendence, while bonded by our equally common immanence. Our Life Source is not just external but is also internal.

Being An Evangelist

There is a common misconception about the 5 fold ministry that I too used to be deceived about and didn’t have the full understanding of either. If you know what your calling in the 5 fold ministry is from the Lord God Jesus Christ and it is not as an evangelist, that doesn’t mean you are never going to be called out into the streets or wherever to reach the lost and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. 🙂 We are all called to be disciples of Jesus Christ, preach the gospel, and to help Him make more disciples (Matthew 28:19 -> Acts 2:38-39)(Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:46-58). An evangelist is simply someone gifted more than most with boldness in preaching the gospel publicly and the Lord Jesus Christ usually has them be “street preachers” and He usually has them travel a lot too. That doesn’t mean others are not called out into the streets or wherever else to witness to the lost and demonstrate the power of the Holy Ghost in both deed (casting out demons and healing in the name of Jesus Christ) and in word (preach the Word of God). We just need to be sensitive to the Lord’s voice and obey it so He can lead us by His Spirit. It can be as simple as talking to someone at a grocery store or at Walmart while you’re already there shopping to tell them how Jesus changed your life, He is real and loves them, they need to surrender their lives to Him, etc. Or maybe He will have you go a step further in faith and lay hands on someone and command them to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Every disciple of Jesus Christ is called to do this. When you have both the Word of God being preached and the demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost (deliverance from demons and miraculous healing) hand-in-hand, that is what really pricks people’s hearts to where they will believe and for God to grant them repentance. Having the balance of both is imperative and is so powerful just like we see in the book of Acts. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, which means the Holy Ghost is still the same today. Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and then tarry in the upper room (prayer closet of your heart) by fasting and praying until you are endued with the same power from on high – the Holy Ghost and cloven tongues of fire. (Luke 24:49, Acts 1, Acts 2)

Government must be ruled by God

The hearts of men are full of hatred, cowardice, sloth, and covetousness. Likewise, it leads them into the civil traps that God has always called slavery, leading to their own destruction, damnation, and economic collapse. Try and educate those hearts about the alternative Kingdom of Heaven that liberates man from the dominion of man and, being unregenerate, they will play dead as is custom in the Valley of Dry Bones. But some may see their error, come alive and begin loving their neighbor as themselves, walking in repentance, and seek the literal, jurisdictional, alternative Kingdom that is built upon the rock and bound together in love, forgiveness, and life and lasts from generation to generation.Bankrupt bureaucracies are installed by Christless men as a by-product of the socialism in their hearts, but they are also used by God to bring judgement onto those same depraved men through the heavy legal and financial burdens of governments in debt.“For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.” (Romans 13:4-6)Electing men into authoritative office is a wicked work. Scripture says so everywhere. One defining characteristic of authoritative office is that it invariably institutes taxation to even function. In this way, authoritative office is a terror to wicked works. This is why you pay taxes, to teach you to cry out to God in repentance. Your judgment for creating institutions is that they compel your forced contributions and then use it to exercise authority over you. This system providentially functions as an effective ouroboros, being its own destruction, enslaving the very people who create it and live by its sword. This is both the birth and death of socialist societies. The beginning and the end of the pragmatism of institutionalism

The Importance of Creeds and Confessions

We’ve all heard it: No creed but the Bible. A “creed” (from the Latin word credo) simply means “I believe”. A creed is a statement of faith. And, of course, when someone says No creed but the Bible the person who says it, however well-meaning he or she is, has already given a statement of faith – a statement that is not given in the Bible. When we’re asked what we believe, I don’t think that we start at Genesis 1:1 and then quote the rest of the Bible through Revelation 22:21. We tell people what we believe the Bible teaches about things like creation, the fall of humanity into sin, who Christ is, and how we are delivered from sin and death by Him. We use what the Bible itself calls a form of sound doctrine or a pattern of sound teaching. This tells us that the Bible itself speaks of statements or summaries of what God tells us in His word. It also tells us that there are forms of doctrine or teaching that are NOT sound. (And the word here is very important. It means doctrine that cleanses. Doctrine that makes us truly well.) There are forms of sound teaching that are spiritually health-giving – OR – spiritually health-destroying. Statements of faith either help us or harm us in things regarding our relationship with God and our eternal destiny. For many reasons we live in an age that is, to say the least, not fond of church creeds and confessions of faith:

We live in a time (especially since the 1960s) in which people distrust tradition and distrust authority. Yet (and this is a curious thing), the same people will believe trendy ideas (things which are often proved completely wrong over time), or they’ll trust the declarations of movie stars, sports figures, and popular singers who usually know little or nothing about the things about which they make confident affirmations – affirmations which are really statements of their faith. For many reasons (and this would be the subject of more than one Visit to the Pastor’s Study) people have become distrustful of words. In society-at-large there is a tragic cynicism about almost everything that is said. And in groups such as the “Emerging” (or “Emergent”) Church” we are told that the issue in Christianity is “not doctrine, but life.” “Not propositions, but relationships.” Word-formed statements of faith are downplayed, if not eliminated altogether. Added to this, we live in a utilitarian age: How is this really relevant to my life? How is it practical to me? How does it help me make a living? For those who think like this, there’s little use in taking time to probe the depths of the meaning of things like the Trinity, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the meaning of His death on the cross, and the way God’s grace operates in the human will. And we also live in an age of the quick and easy. I fall prey to that myself. It’s easier to make a quick check of what Wikipedia says than to take the time to do some digging for myself. Why bother with lengthy statements of faith. Give it to me in a sound-byte or two, then I’ll get on to something else.

Yet notice that all of these cultural currents have their own statements of faith – their own creeds and confessions: I believe we shouldn’t trust statements made long ago. I believe we shouldn’t be dominated by the dogmatic assertions of others. I believe we should only occupy ourselves with the things that make us happy. I believe that if you can’t put it in a sentence of two we shouldn’t be bothered with it. The God who speaks has made us people of words. And because we are not God who inherently knows all things perfectly, we are all people who must live out of faith commitments. And, putting these things together, we all have credos – word-formed statements of what we believe. Creeds and Confessions, if you will. The big difference in historic Christianity is that historic Christianity is right up front about what it believes. And the Christian Church has, over the centuries, put what it believes into statements called Creeds and Confessions. The Apostles’ Creed. The Nicene Creed. The Athanasian Creed. And, since the Protestant Reformation, there are Confessions held by Lutheran churches, Reformed churches, Presbyterian churches, Baptist churches, and others that corporately and publicly committed themselves to the form of sound doctrine they believed best represented what their final authority for faith and life – the Bible – stated in its 66 books. It was regarded as very important that God’s people and the world in which they lived knew what they believed. It was important because sound doctrine – the form of teaching that faithfully represented what the Word of God said, was – literally – a matter of spiritual health or spiritual sickness; and, in many cases, a matter of life and death.