The Spirit of Truth is Speaking

Right now, a spiritual awakening is sweeping the planet. This ‘great awakening’ has been foretold throughout all of time. It’s a time when the Spirit of truth, known as the Holy Spirit, rises within mankind to give the collective a conscious raising experience.It’s a time when seeds planted in the Piscean Age reach fruition. It’s a time when people of the Earth awaken from a deep slumber.

Joel 2:28 reads, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophecy and your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions. Even on my Servants both men and women I will pour out my Spirit in those days. I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth. Blood, fire, and billows of smoke. The Sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

”Throughout ancient texts, experiences of revelations are known to capture those who draw near to the Spirit of truth. John’s revelation in the Bible is only one type of visitation and revelation that coincides with the face of a man, Christ Jesus.The Holy Spirit of Christ rises in those, no matter what their religious preference is. This higher consciousness rises in man when the truth in Spirit is called upon or sought with earnest.

The Christ represents a natives Higher Self who readily reveals answers to the truth seeker regardless of perfection. Mankind is imperfectly perfect in the eyes of God. His Story reveals history and how man evolves with each incarnation for the sake of the whole.

The Spirit of truth brings balance to humanity time after time, and age after age. He is the chaos and order of all things. He is both matter and mind, the yin and the yang. He is the polarity and boundary between humanity and God.As the Holy Spirit rises in the collective more and more people around the world are opening their minds to different philosophies.

Today, people are learning about alternative teachings, healing practices, and questioning long held beliefs that were passed down from generation to generation. Questions raised are no doubt being answered on a personal and collective level. The many people who pay attention to answers are becoming more widespread every day.Many who are religious and those who aren’t, believe that we are in the “end-times” and Christ’s return is imminent. Simply put, Christ never left.

Humanity is the body of Christ and when humanity comes together in agreement there is great power harnessed for the collective Spirit.Christ’s values in the last Age of Pisces created fishers of men to bring a feast or harvest for ‘the Age to come’.The Age to come is the Age of Aquarius in which mankind has now entered.

The feast of feasts is upon us.It’s a Spiritual Age, rather than a dogmatic one. The Age of Aquarius is represented by a man carrying a pitcher. His attributes rule the 11th Humanitarian house in Astrology. It is about idealism, gnosis, and small communities. It’s about freedom with a revolutionary and innovative Spirit. It’s a time where mankind fulfills his future destiny with the New Testament of man.

The New Testament of mankind is where truth reigns. No longer bound by times past, but a renewing of the mind for the collective future. The Spirit of truth bestows a chain reaction in the Aquarian Age which is why the symbol for the Age of Aquarius is an electromagnetic wave or ‘www’ woven together.

Neptune ruled the Age of Pisces with its sub ruler, Jupiter. In astrology Neptune is the great dissolver of past woes and seeks to undo what has been done in the present that cannot sustain into the future.Jupiter is a psychic-philosophical teacher, a higher learner who bestows ‘luck’ when following the psychic and creative forces of intuition.Neptune is an attribute created by the Romans whose consort in the Greek is Poseidon. Both are mutable water (spiritual) signs with Poseidon being the higher octave of Neptune.Neptune rules the 12th house of Pisces. This house is the house of God in which the body of Christ is at one with. Christ’s natal 12th house begins in Sagittarius and goes into the sign of Capricorn. This is significant to our story. He mastered the art of intuition and teaches man how to let go of all that doesn’t serve humanity as a whole.

When we consider how Atlantis traces back to the story of Poseidon, we understand a new path must be taken, in order to create a ‘New Atlantis’. We may also understand earth changes are imminent for the land and sea in order for Atlantis to rise. New Atlantis is thus symbolic for the New Testament of mankind.

Image of GOD

*GOD – Not to be confused with G.O.D. the corporation.

I believe it’s time to dissolve the image of God made by mankind.

There is no one face or object that can fill the space.
This is not an attempt to exalt one but instead to edify the many.

To use the word he when referring to God, I feel something inside that does not agree with this gender label, unless to consider matter mother and father – all the energy between. God is neither a man nor a woman. Not one thing or another, still all things at the same time. Everything and no thing, ever-changing image in our minds.

The life force within, some may call this God, the cosmology of the Universe, true and natural things. Energy and an always constant forever moving change. Not in one moment does everything stay the same. I am a form of God, acknowledging one piece of itself – the true essence of life itself. Effortlessly I exist, the body automatically plays its role in this!

The Wise One

The Wise One yields to head knowledge and heart wisdom that he or she has amassed over time in deciding what he or she believes, how he or she behaves, and who he or she would associate with. Wisdom is following one’s intuition versus external governance.

The Wise One is dedicated to the just abolition of willful ignorance rather than being enslaved to it, pursuing personal mental ascent as opposed to one committing to fearful intellectual surrender. Wisdom boldly examines the mysterious and the miraculous of life.

The Wise One considers critical thinking, which is necessary for religious deconstruction and spiritual reconstruction, to be a most virtuous endeavor and essential in everyone’s awakening process. Wisdom refuses to be stunted or snuffed out via indoctrination.

The Wise One recognizes that divine intervention is a wholly human enterprise, directing hope, faith, and love where it belongs, in our species’ collective energy versus a peerless transcendence. Wisdom is finding inner peace and communal harmony in oneness.

Open your eyes and do something

This is not a battle or war of force. Rather it is of the mind consciousness, thoughts, emotions, feelings? For if one controls those three, what else is need to be done? And of course no one’s stepping up.

All religions fear their God and then they fear the dark forces, which in actuality is denying and lack of faith in their God. For I’ve been trampling the front lines for quite a while now and I jab at all levels, but I’m also working towards Unity Oneness wholeness through acceptance and forgiveness.

I’ve tried to get others to open their eyes and join forces, but they just sit as conformist lazy of ignorance. But that’s okay. I’ll still be on the front lines putting my neck on the line each day. Thus, this is our battle, not our children’s for all these religious people. Talk about God, but don’t do nothing in the world to better it other than walk down the street and ask people to believe in Jesus or Muhammad or whoever their stint of fear stinks.

Gnostics and the Matrix Movies

The Matrix movies are about us being trapped in a word of illusion. Until someone “unplugs” from that illusion and decides to help free us all from it.

In the Matrix Neo is the called “The One”. That is because he has unplugged from the illusion of the “many” and recognised himself as the “one dreamer”.

What is Gnosticism?

Christian Gnosticism developed to try and correct the mistaken views of the Church about God and His relationship to the world.

As one Gnostic text states, “What kind of God is this?”

The Gnostics taught that the material word was an illusion. A product of mis-thought and therefore nothing whatsoever to do with the Real God.

The Gnostics were so hated by the Church that they banned and burned their books.

The Gnostics believed in the Reality of the One, the One True Divine Light.

They also talked about this element called “the craftsman” or “the demiurge”.

(Think Freemasonry and their obsession with the craftsman.)

For Gnostics the demiurge was evil. This is represented in the Matrix Movies as “the architect.” The creator of this world.

The reason the Gnostics were so hated by the Church is that they equated the demiurge with the god of the Bible. This was the “evil creator” who produced this world of suffering.

So, the demiurge or “the craftsman” (ego/satan) creates the material world, which is the world of illusion. Just like the architect creates the Matrix in the movies.

The material world is a realm of suffering and darkness, which is completely the opposite to the Reality of Heaven, which is pure light.

In other words, the Gnostics believed this illusory material world to be hell.

According to the Gnostics the demiurge needs the now “sleeping divine light” to power it’s creation. So, it needs to keep the divine light asleep to use it as a power source to fuel the illusion. Much like as in the Matrix we see humans kept asleep and used as batteries.

The demiurge also uses “archons” or “servants” to act as prison guards to prevent the divine light from awaking to the truth about itself and escaping. Just like the agents in the Matrix.

The Gnostics believed in reincarnation. So they knew that death wasn’t the escape. They believed that “knowledge” or “gnosis” was the escape. The knowledge that the world wasn’t real and they weren’t really their physical bodies.

Neo confronts the architect (the world maker) in the movie. This is the same as the story of Jesus confronting the devil in the desert, and the story of Buddha confronting Mara prior to enlightenment.

Do we listen to the voice of the architect and stay asleep in the Matrix, or do we listen to the voice of the One and awaken?

That is completely up to us.

The Spirit of Christmas

“To fully appreciate the festival of Christmas, we must come to understand what it has meant to man as a spiritual experience since the beginning of recorded history. We know that this sacred season has been held in the deepest veneration by the peoples of many races and nations, and that it has descended to us as a beautiful heritage of tradition. In these days, we are inclined to question the origin of our beliefs, and we would like to know how and where the Christmas celebration originated; in what ways it has been changed and modified with the passing of time; the sources of the various symbols now associated with the season; and perhaps most of all, why we should perpetuate the old rites and customs.
Originally Christmas was not a festival imposed upon man by some special system of belief. It came from his own heart, and he has preserved it down through the ages because it was strangely and wonderfully meaningful to him.”

“The spirit of Christmas descends to us largely through a group of symbols long associated with the festivities of the season. These symbols may well be termed archetypal, for they reveal the gradual growth of fundamental ideas subjected constantly to new interpretations.”

“Many countries have popular legends by which they claim the distinction of having given the Christmas tree to the world. The pine, fir, or evergreen has long been associated with the idea of immortality because it remains green through the long winter period, and is thus a fitting symbol of the inevitable victory of life over death. Sprigs of acacia, cypress, cedar, or fir were used to decorate ancient altars, and there are references to them in the Bible.”

“Music has long been associated with the Christmas Season, but the early chants, litanies, and hymns written in Latin were hardly suitable for secular use. According to legend, the Gloria In Excelsis, the hymn supposedly sung by the angels on the occasion of Christ’s nativity, was the first Christmas carol. It is believed that songs in the popular languages and with simple but reverent wordings were introduced by St. Francis of Assisi, who desired to bring the Christmas mystery closer to the lives of the people. Carol singing spread slowly but surely throughout Europe.”

“The mistletoe is a parasitic plant which attaches itself to trees with great tenacity and generally lives as long as the tree itself survives. In Germany, the word for mistletoe signified “all-heal,” and the plant was held to possess mystical and magical virtues. The ancients believed that mistletoe was nourished by the air and light, and by the rays of the moon. When it was cut, it must never touch the earth, or its powers would be destroyed. There has long been a religious symbolism relating to this plant, which may have been derived from the idea that it symbolized the impermanent relationship between the body and the soul. Like the soul, the mistletoe is attached to a body, but has a separate existence in space, and it also receives into itself strange energies and forces moving in the air. The presence of mistletoe in the homes of our ancient forebears was considered as a benediction and, if true lovers stood beneath its branch, it brought good fortune. Here is one of the most beautiful of the old Christmas customs, devoutly religious in its original meaning. It would be no exaggeration to say that to stand under the mistletoe means actually to stand under the wing of the holy spirit of life, or to accept the guardianship of the power of the soul.”

“The time-honored custom of exchanging gifts at Christmas is associated with the Roman Saturnalia. During this festival, the citizens of Rome exchanged presents, greeting cards, and boxes of food. They seem to have originated our idea of a Christmas box with assorted contents.
For nearly fifteen centuries, the concept of Christmas-giving and sharing was comparatively free from what we call “commercialism.” In older times, there were neither means nor circumstances which invited extravagance. Gifts were considered important principally because they represented the personal thoughtfulness, skill, and industry of the giver.”

“With all the talk against Christmas and the sober resolutions not to become involved in the frantic cycle of buying, giving, and receiving, there is one thing we should always remember. The importance of Christmas depends upon ourselves. It is a festival of the spirit and, if our souls are filled with the deeper meaning of the season, it will not be merely a burden. If we understand the old symbols and capture their messages of hope and inspiration, no one can spoil our Christmas.”

“According to the symbolism of this sacred season, faith and gratitude, hope and joy, love and peace, which together form the grace of the spirit, were made flesh and dwelt among us in the grotto at Bethlehem by a mystery which we can experience but never fully explain in words. We know that this spirit also abides in our own hearts, and through us its perfect works are made manifest. Love finds its fulfillment in the constant giving of its life and light. Our Christmas depends upon the purity and beauty of the simple affection which we bestow upon this season and all that it means to ourselves and others. If we so understand and so appreciate, our Christmas will always be beautiful.”

Ascension of Consciousness

We are moving from 3D to 5D

This will cause you to ‘purge’ emotions and you will experience what is known as ‘The dark night of the soul’

This is a period of time where you will cry over past events and traumas..

This is your ‘Soul Ascending’ to 5D ❤🕊💫

You will feel better soon, you need to face your past in order to move forwards.. So when you feel like you are taking a step back right now.. Please know that it is all part of the planetary evolution we are experiencing.

Remember evolution occurs under great stress and we are now in the bottleneck of our evolution..
This is why you are seeing so much trouble in the streets..

This is because we are being ‘Plugged into 5d’

We are experiencing ‘dimensional bleeding’

A dimension is a frequency you ‘tune into’ much like you change a channel on a radio..

Some are tuned into 3d ‘Fear’ and some are tuned into 5d ‘Love’.
We stay in the same physical place. It is where we place our ‘attention’ that defines our lifes journey.

Change your ‘attention’ and you change ‘your life’

Welcome to ‘Ascension of the Human Race’

This is where 2 dimensions clash..

Not long until the ‘New Earth’ now

One Consciousness

There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe – the Universal Mind. It is all knowing, all powerful, all creative and always present. As it is present everywhere at the same time, it follows that it must also be present in you – that it is you. Your mind is part of the one Universal Mind. This is not simply a philosophical ideal passed down to us through the ages. It is an exact scientific truth. Know it, believe it, apply it and you will see your life transform in miraculous ways.

Albert Einstein told us that “everything is energy”; that “a human being is a part of the whole called by us [the] Universe”. His words echoed the most ancient of spiritual and philosophical teachings and still underpin today’s cutting-edge scientific discoveries. The Universal Mind goes by many names. In the scientific world we know of the Unified Field, in spiritual philosophy we refer to The All or Universal Consciousness and in religion we call upon God who Himself goes by many names – Jehovah, Allah and Brahman to mention but a few. The name is relevant only in so far as it resonates with you.

Whichever way you cut it, you come to this one unavoidable conclusion: there is but One Consciousness of which your consciousness must be a part and “a part”, as Charles Haanel said, “must be the same in kind and quality as the whole, the only difference being one of degree”.

The nature of the Universal Mind is Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotence (all powerful), Omnificence (all creative) and Omnipresence (always present). Know that this too is your nature. You have access to all knowledge, known and unknown; you have access to an infinite power for which nothing is impossible; you have access to the limitless creativity of the One Creator. All these attributes are present within you at all times in their potential form.

It is up to you to know and act upon your own nature. The inscription on the Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi left no room for misunderstanding: “Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the universe”. It is through the power of your subconscious mind and your higher self that you can learn to align yourself with the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnificence of the Universal Mind at all times.

Each and every one of us is a manifestation of this single Universal Consciousness. There is profound truth in the ancient teaching that we are all One. We are all connected – not only to each other but to all of Nature and to everything in the Universe. This is the Law of One. What you do to others, you do to yourself. The way you treat Nature, you in fact treat yourself. The separateness you “see” is an illusion of the personality ego. The true nature of reality is non-dualistic, meaning that while things may appear distinct, they are not separate.

Storm Warning

Sad to see so many drown in the shallows of frivolous things,
Led astray like puppets, on the end of meaningless strings.
They can tell you everybody’s dirt, and who’s having sex,
But don’t know who they are from one minute to the next.
Ignorance is bliss for them, they’ve no need for a clue,
Until the day they realize, themselves they never knew.
Ninety percent of all they say, never changes a thing,
Wasting precious breath on songs no one needs to sing.
Like mindless parrots mocking, monkey see so monkey do,
They’d rather follow three blind mice than search for something new.
Their priorities are backwards, what should be first is last,
Spinning wheels while standing still, and going nowhere fast.
Living off the gossip vine, all secrets they must know,
Caring more about another’s business, than they do about their own.
Addicted to distractions that steel their precious time,
Robed of life and don’t even know who committed the crime.
Their endlessly complaining, but nothing ever rearranges,
Because just bitching only guaranties, that nothing ever changes.
And they’ll talk you half to death if you let them in the door,
Leaving you less intelligent than you ever were before.
Because they waste their time on things that never really matter,
Then wonder why good things in life from them just seem to scatter.
For, without a firm foundation, they’re like tumble weed in the breeze,
And any thoughts of getting ahead, are for them only a tease.
So, deep inside, look far and wide, things aren’t what they seem,
Don’t let yourself get lost inside a cheap and shallow dream.
Live for things that matter, and drink from deeper springs,
Or life will have you tangled up, in the thick of thinnest things.