Religion That Has Been Replaced

Most religious people don’t know their entire religion is a repackaging of ancient Sumerian myths in the old testament, and Egyptian, gnostic texts in the New Testament. They don’t realize Christianity prior to Nicean Creed has more in common with New Age than modern day Catholic Christianity. This isn’t an opinion. This is a fact.

Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Norse, and sumerian etc all have their own similar creation epics, as well as flood epics. Use comparative Mythology, use syncretism.

The Enuma Elish
The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Atra-hasis
The Code of Hammurabi

‘the other Bible’
‘the gnostic Bible’
‘the nag hammadi scriptures’
‘The Pistis Sophia’
A Masonic King James Holy Bible from ebay.

Think of the old testament in relation to the new testament in the literalized current form of dogma infused with what you’ve read in the other books mentioned and books left out of the Bible and look within for the answer.

The message of the New Testament is to use your heart over your mind’s lower base desires. This is why every archaic picture of Jesus shows him pointing to his flaming heart.

You cannot serve two masters. Which will be your master?
Your heart or your untaimed mind?

Cultivate the empty field of the mind to harvest good fruit from the heart.

There are four gospels that were included in the Bible, yet there’s evidence that there were many more. What makes those 4 special? During the Council of Nicea the most influential Bishops hashed out what official Christianity would be and these 4 were picked because they reinforced “their” beliefs and what they wanted the religion to be. All others were deemed heretical and burned. Few copies have been rediscovered like the Dead Sea Scrolls and they offer other teachings and points of view. Reincarnation makes much more sense than once and done. The Bible is a compilation of books MEN put together to influence other men. Not God to influence man.

Originally Christianity embraced reincarnation but the Church wanted more immediate control over its members so they switched to the “one life” doctrine forcing believers to live a guilt and anxiety ridden lifestyle.

I’ve studied quite a few Near Death Experiences and read books on past life regression and then read the recently discovered gnostic scriptures which predate Christianity from the Nag Hammadi library and the Pistis of Sophia you’ll see that their similarities are amazing. In the Pistis of Sophia Jesus described in great detail how souls continue to reincarnate and “drink from a cup of forgetfulness” before each lifetime and that a soul should raise their spiritual awareness until they obtain gnosis which is knowledge through spiritual experience.

You won’t find a clear passage in the Bible that says reincarnation exists. What you do find are clues and allegories…The most popular would be the passage where Jesus tells his disciples that John the Baptist is the spirit of Elijah;

In fact, Matthew 11:14 Jesus says, And if YOU ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT IT, he is the Elijah who was to come.

Predictive Programming 2

The hidden hand that governs humanity purposely expose elements of their game-plan for various reasons (as outlined in the post). There are numerous examples of this with covid-19, but the most notable has to be Event 201 – which I’m sure most of you know by now. For those who don’t:

In October 2019, a matter of weeks before the news first broke out from Wuhan, there was a tabletop training exercise which was essentially a dress rehearsal on how to deal with a future global pandemic.

This roundtable discussion (Event 201) was set up by some of the key global players – inc. The World Economic Forum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The WHO, Johns Hopkins University and Johnson & Johnson (names that conveniently have been in the forefront of the actual ‘pandemic’).

The similarities between the simulation and the actual events that were to transpire only a few weeks later were truly jaw-dropping.

The ‘hypothetical’ virus chosen for the simulation just so happened to be modelled upon a novel coronavirus infection called ‘CAPS’ (Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome), which is described as having ‘respiratory symptoms ranging from mild flu to severe pneumonia’.

As stated on the pre-event description on the John Hopkins Centre For Health Security website (the chief organisers):

‘’Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modelled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms…. ‘The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective [vacks] or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed.”

Sounds oddly familiar!

The simulation featured roundtable discussions and scripted ‘staff meetings’, all of which essentially gave us a pre-warning of how our world was soon to be completely turned on its head. There were also fake news broadcasts from actors which were disturbingly eerie in their resemblance to the actual mainstream media broadcasting of covid-19.

There were discussions about closed borders, cancelled international travel, global lockdowns, vaks, closed businesses and schools, the need for censorship.

Exercises like Event 201 are masqueraded as ‘training exercises’, but in reality are nefariously planned events that are organized with full knowledge of the impending real-world event, which ‘coincidentally’ always seems to take place just shortly after the ‘perfectly predicted’ simulation. Notice how definitive the following words are.

‘’Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences
…The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering.’’

By hiding truth in plain sight, these exercises function as a form of predictive programming, mockery and a way for the key global players to gather to plan their real agenda (which has nothing to do with protecting the public). The simulation exercise is merely a front.

Opening parts of your life

I don’t know of any better way to show people that it’s when we admit the worst parts of us that we see the best parts of God. Someone once said, “We glorify a water fountain by coming thirsty and drinking deeply.” This means that it’s when we are real—when we confess our sins, demonstrate our desperation, acknowledge our neediness, tell the truth about our fears and insecurities and struggles and secrets, admit that we are selfish and arrogant and controlling and self-righteous and unforgiving—THAT is when we discover a Savior who came, not for the righteous, but for sinners—a Savior who graciously rescues bad and weak people who fail because bad and weak people who fail are all that there are.

Trust me, those parts of you that you are most fearful of disclosing—the parts of you that get jealous, the parts of you that are greedy, the parts of you that lust for what you don’t have, the parts of you that hate, the parts of you that thirst for vengeance, the parts of you that are painfully insecure—those are the very parts that will be most helpful to people if you admit them.

Opening up about your struggles helps people so much more then talking about your strengths. People may be somewhat inspired when you share your successes with them, but they connect with you (and feel less alone) when you share your failures with them.

After all, it is in our weakness that God showcases his strength.

Born Again, Moment by Moment

Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Christians worship the flesh of Jesus but usually manifest a total antichrist nature around the Spirit of Truth. Because a theology based around you being a chosen people while all others are not, is ego pumping (knowledge puffs up), but Jesus said, ” I have sheep in another fold you know not of.” And, “As you do to the least of humanity, you do unto me.” So who is the church (the body of Christ)? According to the godman Jesus, we all are part of the collective Christ. He had a real problem with people who had religious pride (older prodigal son parable, and his famous blast of Jesus culture when he says “Depart from me, I never knew you” – speaking to a culture group that claimed to do ‘mighty works’ in his name, inc. casing out demons in his name. Sounds like Christians with the gifts. The gifts to not equate to knowing the Lord. They are just gifts. But no pastor will ever tackle these kind of verses in scripture, though they claim to know the Way. They stand outside The Way, and block the Way). And in the same way Jesus casually forgave sins (forgive… To give grace, before), we ought to do the same as a disciple of The Word. But unfortunately Christians love to keep a veil hung in their minds, rather than torn. A wall of seperation between them and their neighbour. I get to rag on this people group cos it’s part of my DNA. I grew up in it. And I see pastors getting paid good money to lead people on a wild goose chase of theology and behaviour modification. A good pastor who knows even the milk of Paul’s letters is rare (the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead) is rare. But I’m not angry. I do not have that in me. I love. But love without correction is not real love. So I serve in a local church in which I am persecuted by the very pastor who is meant to be a leader of the house. And all these words for Christian and non Christian have to go through me first before I speak. I speak openly with authority now only because of experience with The Father and obedience. But I didn’t even get to have an opinion for a long time, as I went through the process of renewal of the mind in which part of that process is taking EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ. And EVERY intent of the heart. But now I’ve discovered, it’s not me, it’s Christ. Or at the very least, it’s us. And that includes you. Jesus said those that know me worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. And you will know those with the same Spirit of Jesus through their Love. God is Love. And each time someone loves and speaks Truth from their childlike faith in love, they invite the Spirit of Jesus into their heart’s. Being born again is a moment by moment flow. To live in the Spirit in the midst of carnality.

So many Christians, so little actual disciplines. We about to change that!

Light, Self, and Ego

Revelation 22:16

“I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

In mythology the advent of light is predominantly used as a symbol for the awakening of consciousness and self-awareness. Hence, in the beginning God declared, ‘Let there be light’ to mark the commencement of an emergent and conscious universe.

It is interesting to note that there are numerous symbols used in the Bible to reflect both the positive and negative aspects of a given concept. For example, Jesus is referred to heroically as the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’, whereas conversely Satan is denounced as a ‘roaring lion’ who roams around seeking whomever he may devour.

The ‘morning star’ is another idea used in the Bible to describe both Jesus as the celestial Redeemer and Satan as the malevolent adversary who was ejected from the heavenly realms. Jesus, being the firstborn of God, is described as the ‘bright morning star’ for his extant light outshines all other lights in the created order, while Satan, a created being, can only reflect light which is a condition that is very much inferior to that of Jesus. From this we see a central spiritual principle in that the lesser cannot ever be superior to the greater, just as a river cannot rise above its source.

The ‘Self’ that resides at the centre of our being encompasses the entirety of the psyche and is the source and means of the ego complex which is the focal point of conscious awareness. Symbolically the ego is often represented by the Moon, but unlike solar consciousness, which is self-initiated and self-sustaining, the Moon (ego) is illuminated (gains awareness) indirectly and passively, being reliant entirely on external influences. In a similar fashion it is Christ consciousness at the centre of our being, the archetypal ‘Imago Dei’, that gives rise to and sustains our egoic awareness. But the ego is the inferior aspect of the mind and in its unregenerate and unenlightened condition represents a simulacrum of the anti-Christ when compared to the innate divinity of the Self.

The formation of the ego requires a ‘fall’ (or emanation) from a loftier station to a lower one, and in its inferior condition of spiritual blindness it equates to the sinful nature that is set apart from its supernal source. The ego cannot become the Self for it is a part and not the whole but is instead the path or bridge that leads awareness into the true light of Being. Our task in life then is not to destroy the ego but to transcend it by developing our lunar (waking) consciousness in conjunction with the hidden consciousness of the shadow (symbolised by the dark side of the moon) and integrate the many into the One under the aegis of the Self.

The rulership of King David marked a golden era in the history of the Israelites. King David is noted as being the greatest of all the Hebrew sovereigns and for uniting the two kingdoms of Israel and Judah under one monarchy. This is significant when considering the symbolism of this verse for it speaks to us of the unification of disparate parts and the reconciling of opposites into a unified harmonious whole.

Christ is therefore the source, the root, and the wherewithal of all spiritual life and existence itself. The healing function of Christ consciousness – this Balm of Gilead – resolves the schism between the worldly ego and the supraordinate Self in the ‘conuinctio’ – the marriage of the Sun and Moon, and solves the paradox of human nature, that this strange and lowly creature that is mankind is made in the very image and likeness of almighty God.