Cosmic Awareneee

The Nature of Consciousness

One can listen without hearing, but one cannot hear without listening. The actions of radiance through looking, and magnetism through listening, intensity through the concept of being an individual part of the universe and the need to look and listen; as these are intensified by concepts of fear and insecurity, as these concepts are developed and these qualities are intensified wherein radiance and magnetism become stronger, more and more appetite comes into being. And appetite draws unto itself greater and greater mass, and the mass which it consumes goes into creating the form, which becomes the ever-changing entity, which grows larger and larger in terms of magnitude in the physical form on earth. That is the nature of consciousness as seen from a God’s-Eye view, this view of being that is yourself, and how you came to be that which you are. There is one portion of your consciousness that may have forgotten how you came into being, and this Awareness would remind you of that which has been forgotten.

Divisive Concepts Are Being Manipulated by Dark Forces

People who are prejudiced in terms of racial, religious or cultural, or national bigotry would first look at the crime, then look for the color, nationality, or religion of the entity, and immediately associate the crime with the color, nationality or religion, or whatever they are prejudiced against. They might totally ignore the individuality involved in the crime. This is the type of prejudice that is often divisive in nature, which sets one class of people against another because of some small distinction which this awareness has made in its creation of people through natural forces of the universe, such as pigmentation, or location, whereby one entity develops, or a line of people develop certain pigmentation due to the environment or food or certain types of genetic development related to diet or genetic, hereditary inclinations; whereby people can, for one reason or another, look upon these distinctive qualities as if they were evil. It is somewhat pathetic to think that the Universal Creator should have only created people who look exactly like each other in order to keep them from feeling hostile toward those who are different. Such bigotry would require that everyone look exactly like the individual if such bigotry is taken to its extreme.

Imagine A World Where Everyone Looked and Acted Like You

Before you decry the difference in individuals, consider the possibility of a world where everyone looked exactly like you, behaved exactly like you, and there were no distinguishing differences so that there would be no way you could be dissatisfied with the creation which has occurred. Those who feel this way would also insist that everyone think exactly the same so that there was no distinction in beliefs, ideas, or behavior; that everyone has the same general age, to avoid the hostilities that occur between generations; jealousies of youth, hostilities toward the elder established beings. It is essential that people understand that differences are created by the Universal Creator, and by nature itself, and by environmental factors, hereditary forces which are part of the energy flow of natural law. It is important to realize that these differences are meaningful in helping each individual to develop uniquely. The concept of bigotry would deny any differences among anyone, and in its ultimate sense, would insist upon everyone being exactly like the entity, and would thus be bigoted.

In Pursuit of Security

The action of the individual in pursuing security cannot properly be separated from the environment and the society around the entity. The integration of the entity within the environment, the society, the family, the social situation, the Universe in general, is essential to the well-being of the entity. The previous lesson referred to the situation of the four corners: the scientific approach toward life, this being the materialistic approach whereby the entity studies the manifestation of matter, probing into this and building his/her world upon the accumulated knowledge from the probing action. The metaphysical approach is where the entity probes into the energies of the universe to discover the general nature of being, of manifestation; the energies of the universe in relation to consciousness and the life force itself, the force of suggestion of the occult, the forces of control, particularly in regard to the control of forms, of people, shapes, emotional and psychic forces. The fourth corner being that force of pure being; the experiencing action of the entity who expresses the attitude of ‘I Am’ in relation to others, to other forces of personality, to other personifications in terms of deities, heroes, demons, of literature, religion, and society. These four corners generally can be found in any philosophy as the base of that particular philosophy, giving certain securities to the individual.

Living in harmony With Gaia

Humanity will reach new heights of interaction with the planet itself, with Gaia herself. Hand in hand with this rise in consciousness will also come new respect and harmony with the plant and animal world. There will even be a new awareness that the rocks and minerals themselves, the mineral world indeed has consciousness, even if quite different than the consciousness known by humans. At this time humankind will be able to communicate with both.

Living in harmony with Gaia will also mean living in harmony with all of her creatures, with all of her dependents. Humans will not feel superior or above nature, above animals, above the planet, but will simply see itself in the new role, and will adjust to this new role and live accordingly. This Awareness sees a great new time, a beautiful new world, and encourages one and all to imagine what this new world will look like.

(Poetry) Who You Are

Hidden secrets in ancient texts
Have always told the tales,
Of worlds that were beyond our own
Of portals, gates and gods
Stories that concealed the truth
In fable, myth and lore.
We are in a Make-Believe,
A labyrinth…no escape.
A maze designed to amaze,
Of kingdoms, cults and creeds.
A dungeon realm filled with delights
Deception masked as truths,
Where pain and pleasure
Mold our minds in to
blocks we call beliefs.
But there’s a truth
That cannot die unknown,
The secret of the Simulasphere
That has never been our home.
We are timeless beings,
Ensnared in dying webs
A world that is unraveling
A prison with an end.
Immortals with amnesia,
We are more than we have dreamed
Eternal personalities
Through grief we’re forced to grow
We’ve lived through scores of lifetimes,
Seeking God in every one,
Thinking He’s been silent
Believing He’s not there,
Lifetimes spent in wandering
This soul-devouring lair.
We march through life
With guides unseen
Who help us on our way
Guardians, guides and messengers
Who have always shown the way.
We are not forgotten,
Though we suffer through this maze
We have never been alone
Through epochs, years and days
On battlefields in ancient lands
To hospitals today
Our Maker has provided paths
With lights to lead the way
To render understanding
Of what our legends do convey
Sacred myth and silly fable
The depths of parable and ode,
Of Sisyphus and Minos,
Dragons, gold and gods and gain,
The truth has never been concealed
To those who brave to see,
The knowledge hidden in our lore
Of our identity.
You and I are journeymen,
With many more besides,
Archaic souls
With no memory
Of prior deaths and lives.
But this will cease
The time is short
This world is not our own
We all yet have one life to live
Before this simulation’s done.

12 Types of Lightw

Lightworkers Truly Have The Power To Transform The World. But Did You Know That There Are Different Types Of Lightworkers, And Not Just One ?

If You Have Been Following Esoteric Circles, You Would Have Come Across The Term “ LIGHT WORKERS ”

But What Does This Term Really Mean ?

A Lightworker Is Simply Someone Who Has Taken Up The Project Of Serving Humanity. Your Main Motivation In Life Is To Make A Difference In Some One’s Life And To Make This World A Better Place.

Whether You Are In A Spiritual Domain Or Corporate Domain Or Walking Any Other Path, You Are Always Guided By Your Motto Of Service.

Your Vibrancy, Warmth, Selfless Service, Love, And Support For Others Inspire People Wherever You Go.

You Try To Remain True To Yourself And Remain In Alignment And Teach Others To Do The Same By Your Sheer Example.

If You Resonate With Any Of These Things And Feel That You‘re Also A Lightworker, Read On To Find Out More.

There Are Twelve Types Of Lightworkers And All Of Them Have The Underlying Mission i.e. Serving And Inspiring Humanity.



Grid Workers Are Those Types Of Lightworkers Who Work On The Grids And Gateways Of Planet Earth.

They Are A Kind Of A Spatial Empath Who Can Sense The Dark Energy Of A Place When They Enter There. They Use Their Loving Presence And Compassion To Transmute These Dense And Dark Energies.

They Can Also Invoke The Violet Light Of Archangel Micheal, Which Can Help Them To Transmute And Clean Dark Energies.

These Lightworkers Deal With Grids On GAIA. They Actually Act As An Open Doorway That Allows The Sacred Light To Enter Into The Planet Through Their Wide-Open Hearts.

Gatekeeping Is A More Advanced And Evolved Form Of Light Work In Which A Team Of Lightworkers Comes Together To Open Interdimensional Gates That Allow More Love And Light Flow Into The Planet.

While Grid Workers Bring Light Through Already Opened Gateways, Gatekeepers Open New Doorways Where There Were No Doorways Or Open The Ones That Got Closed.


Transmuters Are Frequency Workers Whose Main Work Is To Keep Their Frequencies High And Transmute Negative Energies Through Them.

They Transmute Negative Energies By Releasing Their Light.

Transmuters Can Also Work Along With Their Ancestral Lines And Transmute The Past Family Karma. They Are Highly Evolved Souls Who Would Have Purposely Chosen To Be Born Into An Ancestral Line That Has Plenty Of Negative Karma.

They Serve To Release, Dissolve, Heal, And Help Their Entire Ancestral Line’s Vibration To Go Up.


The Core Purpose Of Lightkeepers Is To Embody Light. No Matter What External Circumstances They Find Themselves In, They Always Maintain A High Vibration Frequency And A Loving Presence.

In Traumatic And Chaotic Times, Their Light Shines Even Brighter To Give Hope And Inspire The Entire Humanity.

They Help And Support Humanity To Evolve.

They Could Be Spiritual Teachers, Motivational Speakers, Influencers, Or Any Individual Who Has The Power To Motivate And Uplift People.


Healers Are The Lightworkers Endowed With Unique Gifts To Heal Humanity.

Most Of Them Are Empaths And Sensitive Individuals.

Their Most Important Task Is To Heal Themselves First So That They Can Hold A Higher Vibration Of Love And Light Which Automatically Heals Whoever Comes In Contact With Them.

Also, They Need To Learn To Open Up To Their Intuition So That They Can Recognize And Activate Their Unique Talents And Gifts.

They Are Often Endowed With Clairvoyance, Claircognizance Or Psychic Abilities That Will Get Activated When They Start Opening Up To Their Internal Guidance System And Work On Healing Them.

🛡️5.) THE SEERS.

The Seers Are The Lightworkers Who Are Clairvoyant In Nature.

They Have Opened Their Third Eye And Have Psychic Abilities To See The Future.

They May Have Trouble Connecting With Others Because They Can See Different Timelines In One Go That Others Can’t Access.

But Due To Their Ability, They Are Powerful Manifesters And They Have To Be Extremely Careful Of Where They Put Their Attention.


All Of Us Have A Divine Blueprint Which Is Our Template To The Fully Awakened Self. All Lightworkers Have This Template But The Divine Blueprint Holders Are Most Adept At Tuning Into Their Divine Blueprint Template And Retrieving The Codes Of Awakening.

They Can Use Sacred Geometry Or Akashic Records To Understand The Awakening Codes. They Can Be In Any Field But Subconsciously They Are Aware Of The Divine Blueprint And Their Actions And Speech Are Used To Manifest The Divine Blueprint On Earth.


These Types Of Lightworkers Can Do Lucid Dreaming And Astral Travel.

They Can Have Out Of Body Experiences Voluntarily And Also Access Akashic Records And Discover Their Purpose And How They Can Better Help Humanity To Evolve.

They Can Also Engage In Dream Work To Access Alternate Dimensions Or Get In Flow States To Be A Conduit Of Universal Creative Energy And Get Ideas For Path-Breaking Innovations.

A Lot Of Inventions In Art And Technology Are Brought About By These Creative Spirits.


These Are The Lightworkers Who Get Guidance From Angels, Ascension Masters, Or Their Higher Self.

They Share These Messages With Humanity Through Various Mediums Like Blogging, Teaching Or Writing.

They Share Their Own Journey Of The Awakening Process With Others To Guide Them Through The Evolution Process.


These Are The Lightworkers Who Are Powerful And Instant Manifestors.

They Can Use Meditation And Visualization Techniques To Manifest Positive Events For The Greater Good Of Humanity.

They Have To Be Careful To Keep Doing The Inner Work So That They Always Work From Their Heart Center And Manifest For The Highest Good And Not For Their Personal Gains.

Most Of These People Don’t Even Intend On Manifesting. They Only Work On Themselves And Maintain A High Vibration To Remain In Flow States From Where Manifestation Follows Automatically.


As The Name Suggests, These Are The Lightworkers Who Lead By Example.

They Walk The Talk By Living Their Life In The Most Authentic Way And Holding The Frequency Of Love And Light.

Other People Can Learn A Lot By Simply Observing How A Way Shower Conducts His Life.

Their Authenticity, Vulnerability, Empathy, And Commitment To Be Their Highest Possible Version Inspire Other People To Strive To Reach Their Highest Potential As Well.


These Are The Lightworkers Who Can Find Unifying Themes In Diverse Patterns And Philosophies.

They Are The Aggregators Who Find Out The Best Philosophy By Taking A Leaf From All Other Philosophies And Put It Out In A Way That Is Easy For People To Understand.

They Are Great At Connecting Diverse People And Work As Mediators With Their Inclusive Working Style.


Ascension Guides Are The Lightworkers Who Help People To Overcome The Pitfalls Of The Enlightenment Process.

They Question The Stereotypes And Urge The People To Look At The Hidden And Esoteric Meaning Behind Things.

They May Seem Eccentric To People But They Are Actually The Path Breakers And Visionaries Who Use Their Own Enlightenment Experiences To Help And Guide Others.

The First Ragnorök and The End of the World

In Norse Mythology “Ragnarök” according to the “Fate of the Gods” is a series of events, including a great battle, foretold to lead to the death of a number of great figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki), natural disasters and the submersion of the world in water.The final destruction of the world in the conflict between the Aesir and the powers of Hel led by Loki.This is clearly another cataclysmic event here the “Bock Sagas” account of this very ancient event predates the Second Ragnorök which according to the Saga was 10,034 from 2018.

Here’s some quote’s….People lived an idyllic life during Paradise time. There was a mild tropical climate in all the inhabited areas. Food grew in abundance on the trees, ready for the picking. After the initial period during which people populated the planet, nothing much has changed.Standing on the North Pole, the whole Universe – the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars – would spin around a person. The earth’s axis was elongated into the galactic axis, which pointed straight at the North Star.

Imagine standing on the North Pole, seeing the North Star directly above with the universe spinning around you. The Sun turning in its circles over the horizon, once every day, and the Northern Lights raining down from above.According to the Saga, the atmosphere condensed into ice. After this event, all the Ringlands in what is now Northern Europe, Russia and North America, were covered in thick layers of ice.

Nobody could live there anymore and those who were not lucky enough to escape their icy fate, perished. By a stroke of Öde (Fate), Odenma reminded ice free, but it was surrounded by walls of ice reaching kilometres high into the sky.

The First Ragnorök led to the first fragmentation of the human race. The Ringlands of the Vaner south of the ice were cut off from their All-Father.The Vaner created 10 kingdoms. There was Kina in the East with Peking (“Pi from the Ring”) as king; Hindostan with Narkasur as king; Tor-Ki with Sultan as the king; the Middle West with Rasul (“Sul” = “the Sun” and “Ra” = “the moon”; All-Father and King in one.) as king; Afrike, or Africa, with king Soliman. Information on the other 5 kingdoms has disappeared in the mist of time.

These Kingdoms encircled the planet. Often, they were surrounded by desserts, high mountain ranges and oceans and therefore relatively isolated from one another. There was some contact in the form of Karavans (“Van” means Vaner = all the people outside the old North Pole; “Lar” refers to the Karl caste, the fourth caste that undertook these long journeys).Each kingdom developed its own language rooted in the old Van language, as well as its own mythology.

These mythologies all have similarities in that they refer to a common origin.Most of them feature a similar paradise where we all originate from, with the “Tree of Life” in the middle, its location in the upper region of the planet where the centre of the world and the universe is found.Another similarly between these different kingdoms, is the “King System”. Each mythology has its pantheon of gods relating to the old Piroet Family, who were close to the heavens and brought life to the planet.Each kingdom developed a different caste system to the one from before the Ice Age. One All-Father was father to everyone in that particular kingdom. Because of this isolation caused by each kingdom having its own All-Father, different races – characterised by their own unique and specific physical traits – developed through time.In the beginning, through a complex breeding system, this became a stable race. At that point, we had brown skin and black hair.

After the split in 10 kingdoms, we developed into the various races we have today.The Saga explains that the warm Gulf Stream flowed from West to East via the Netherlands, Northern Germany and finally into the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea.It curled around itself at the end, where Petersburg is now, and continued over South Sweden and towards Norway. Because of this warm stream of sea water, Odenma, with Hel at its centre, remained unfrozen. Only a few of the Aser survived, finding themselves having to adapt to this sudden arctic world. They started off by relocating from the mainland to the islands archipelago in front of Hel.Half of the year it was light, the other half it was dark and cold. The vegetation consisted of arctic plants and trees, such as the pine and birch tree, with arctic animals inhabiting the land.These include polar bears, arctic foxes, white hare, chickens, cows, sheep and goats.

Over time, these animals adapted abd evolved; their fur and feathers turning white and their eyes blue. The Aser people changed physically in a similar way.They grew oats, barley, wheat and rye to feed themselves and their animals. They also started to eat meat and fish, something unheard of during Paradise time.They invented tool to make clothes from animal skins and plant fibres. These then decorated beautifully with embroidery. They also designed tools to construct houses and boats from wood. They perfected ways in which to fish.In short, the organisational skill of these heathens were put to the test. After living in a paradise-like environment they were forced to develop the skills to modify the nature around them in order to survive.

The Bock Saga does not mention any contact between the Aser in Odenma and the people from the 10 kingdoms during Altlandis.This period, which brought so many technical advances, lasted an enormous length of time and the Bock Saga describes it in great detail. But even this long period came to an end in what is called the Second Ragnorök. This was the second destruction of Odenma and led to the further fragmentation of the human race.

To be continued…..T

he “Book of Genesis” story shares alot of the motifs with the Saga. The Paradise Garden (AsGard, home of the Aser in Odenma, Eden. Asgard, Old Norse Ásgardr, in Norse mythology, the dwelling place of the gods, comparable to the Greek Mount Olympus.) Which people picked the (Forebidden) fruits off the trees.The central “Tree of Life” the “Yggdrasil” which Oden hanged himself on the Yggdrasil, for nine days and nine nights in order to gain knowledge of other worlds and be able to understand the runes. During his sacrificial actions, he saw visions and received secret wisdom. Also number 12 of the Tarot is Oden. I talked in past of an interpretation of the number 9 being a Cycle/Circle. The number nine represents a revolution or spiral. Looking at the character 9 we can see a circle and its trail behind which most likely came from the Suns East to West revolution.The “Ouroboros” the serpent biting its tail has so many interpretations which is the serpent coiled around the tree. Some in the Saga refered to the Suns rotation around Odenma in Paradise Time. Another is the Offering which l’ll stop right there as its not a nice topic. Others Ive heard is reincarnation, destruction/creation. And used by Greek Alchemists of (Hel)lenistic Alexandria and Egypt.We have the banishment from the Garden. Also the “Nephilim” also mentioned in the Book of Genesis were “Fallen Angels”. “Niflheim” in Norse Mythology is the world of Ice, Fog and Mist, ruled by the Goddess “Hel”.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is often considered mirror work, because we access and work with the deep wounded parts of ourselves in order to transmute them to heal. Those who trigger us, are really triggering the parts of us that are still left unhealed. We cannot rise above the pain until we’re willing to submerge ourselves in it without resorting to poisonous methods of coping or unhealthy deflection. If we can learn to trust ourselves, we can better discern who else to trust in our circle. When we know ourselves best, we can be confident in the way we feel or think about situations.

As children, we knew if we liked or disliked someone. We knew if we trusted someone or not. Our gut told us so. But over time, we were made to suppress our instincts to fall in line with societal, environmental, and parental expectations. We were taught to sit down, be quiet, and comply.

No. Don’t do that. Don’t do that anymore.

Everything in your body is telling you to honor what you know is true and real. You don’t need to guard yourself with impenetrable walls in order to maintain clear boundaries. You don’t need to hide, or isolate yourself, or remove yourself from life to avoid people who will hurt you. You already know how to manage a healthy force of protection simply by standing firm with who and what you allow in your intimate space.

Trust you knowing. Change your circle. Face your triggers. And let yourself be who you were before society and trauma told you who to be.

Shadow work is raw. We face the ugliest parts of our inner selves and learn how to stop playing victim to our life’s circumstances. We face our excuses and complaints, and recognize how toxic our tantrums are. And then we change it. We decide right then and there to change it. We are no longer victims. We remember we never were, and this is when we get to move into a position of strength. We get to look back on life and realize we made it. We lived through everything that tried to devour us, including the beast within ourselves at the core.

Debbie Edwards

Alien Realm

In the Gospel of Philip this world of called the ‘alien realm,’ and with regard to the Pleroma of Light it is indeed alien, for the True Light is foreign to this world. In every generation Great Lights, messengers of the Pleroma, appear in the world, but the world does not recognize them or know them, anymore than the world knew the Messiah and the Magdalene. When a Great Light appears, sons and daughters of light recognize them and are drawn to them, but tthe world cannot see the radiance of that Perfect Light, nor hear the Living Word and Wisdom spoken with power. When a Great Light of the Pleroma departs the world, the world does not mourn them. There are grand memorials and reflections on the lives of the servants of the archons, the rulers – the wealthy and famous, sports heroes, movie stars, politicians, and whatnot, but not so much with the messengers and servants of God, the True Light. When they depart there are often relatively few ind the world who notice, and yet the ‘heavens shake’ and the ‘earth trembles,’ as the ‘gates’ of the Pleroma of Light open for the return of a Great Star to its origin, having fulfilled the intention of the Supreme – the Infinite and Eternal One.

A Message of Hope

As the curtain draws to a close on an eventful and somewhat predictable year (at least for us ‘conspiracy theorists’), we are invited to both reflect on the days that have passed, whilst also looking forward to an uncertain, yet intriguing future.

We are now at a pivotal juncture in human history. Thousands of years of history have all been pointing towards this very moment in time. This is a time of revelation, where light shines on the darkness.

We are at the threshold between an old and dying world and the birth of a new world. We will either move further into the depths of tyranny or the power structure will start to collapse under increasing pressure from a collective of awakened souls, who will stop at nothing to bring freedom back to the planet and all its inhabitants.

The evil that is so clearly visible at this time is nothing new. In truth, this darkness has pervaded our planet for the entirety of known human civilization. But as the dark forces seek to tighten their grip, they can no longer stay in hiding. What was once hidden, is now visible to all those with the eyes to see.

To dislodge the tentacles of the Matrix, which are so deeply entrenched on our beautiful planet, it is going to require an almighty collaborative effort from a huge number of awakened souls, who are united in our quest for truth and our vision for a brighter world, free from unsolicited and parasitic control.

If we simply pay attention to the mainstream media propaganda and fear-mongering, it is easy to think that the battle has already been lost. The censorship and suppression of truth is purposely making the awakening appear much smaller than it actually is. But if I look back at the numbers, from even ten years ago, I am reminded that there is a positive shift taking place.

As the resistance continues to strengthen and unify, the dark forces are rushing forward towards their dystopian end-game, out of desperation and a fear of losing control. As a result, the execution of their plans are becoming increasingly sloppy and visible to ever-increasing numbers of people.

Slowly but surely, as increasing numbers of people are able to see through the illusion, we get closer and closer to reaching the critical mass needed to tip the balance in our favour.

Those who have truly awoken cannot and will not go back to sleep. This means that the numbers will only keep on growing. This is something to be optimistic about this New year. But of course, it is important not to be swept away by blind faith, nor take our foot off the peddle, in the misguided belief that ‘everything is taken care of’.

On the other hand, it is equally important not to be consumed by perpetual doom and gloom. We can hypothesise all we want about the future, but it’s not yet written. Nothing is set in stone. I don’t think we’re supposed to know what lies ahead. That’s the mystery of the world we live in. If we were to know our destiny, then there would be no motivation to pursue a better world. It’s in this pursuit where we ultimately grow, through developing the strength, courage and love to overcome the darkness (both internally and externally).

It is also important to remember that we are the creators of our reality. The way that we envision the future can have a great bearing on the way that it manifests. But we cannot simply rely on our visualizations. We must take the necessary action to bring forth the reality that we want for ourselves and future generations.

Deep in my heart I can envision a better world, but one thing is for certain in 2022 and that is I will not simply sit back and wait for it to happen. I will continue to dig deep into my soul to fight for a brighter future and will continue to use my voice, my words and my actions to make the best contribution that I can.

I want to close this New Year message by expressing my deep gratitude for all the new connections I have made this past year, both online and in the real world. I look forward with great excitement for many more to come in 2022. Despite all the doom and gloom, the coming together of like-minds is a beacon of light in a sea of darkness.

A very Happy New Year to Everyone. May you take the hardships of 2021 and alchemise them into powerful lessons for the year ahead.

A better world is waiting for us. There’s a long way to go yet, but trust me when I say it’s far from over!

Let’s continue to unite, bring down these systems of evil once and for all and become everything that we were truly born to be.

2022 and Beyond

As from this year onwards, there will be a shift in perspective as we all awaken to a sense of alignment with 2022 ahead with potential to breakthrough the veiled illusion of reality.

When intent on what we see, there is an opportunity to refine all sense of definitions. Understanding how to tune and refine our perception is being guided in right here.

The dualistic screen which casts a division in every manner of truth is one we all succumb to in life. There is a nature to the truth of reality. To understand the truth, become it, it’s easy.

To realise the truth we must shed back the superficial exterior we use to divide ourselves to see how those underlying traits connect us.

Imagine the world as a virtual reality simulation and we are in it as individual characters. We all have a unique character to play on earth. The third dimension is a lower density field of energy as we correspond to nature’s laws. Nothing is excempt from universal law.

As we all switch places in character, timelines and participate in an eternal twist of life, death and rebirth, we might open up to the possibility of consciousness seen as one unifiable intelligent, reproductive cycle of light experienced from more than only one perspective, albeit we get to experience the authenticity of our character only one lifetime at a time or it would be too chaotic. Even our televisions are currently limited to a number of channels at a time. Everything resonates here.

As we play out our dramas and continue to feed our energy unto a constant battle between light and dense energy, we must look at our own reality in terms of conscious awareness.

Actions create reactions in a continuous repetitious manner, until heightened awareness intervenes. Everything takes on a new light, as soon as we raise integrity rather than exploit our ego nature to identify something in us ourself. There is a divide, from inside us all. However we see ourself is the image we use to project, this is seen as being our own reality.

Time used to research our authenticity will bring us to realise that we are limiting ourselves as to which channels of communication we use to raise our own conscious light source connection.

Judging others by our own standards or anything else for that matter relating to the external life image cast before us, is a drop in the ocean, by comparison to what we see when we use the same level of discrimination to discern finer use of judgment against us ourself as individuals consciously evolving.

If we don’t like what we see being projected, then we need to readjust the channels through which we perceive. Everything here is revolving around the concept of one’s intention. Intent to imagine and the power of intention to create by using your inner life fire. Everything has the potential to communicate and perceive, which applies to you, me and everything else here…

If everything is being mirrored and reflected, what channels are we using and are our mirrors clean to see reality as it is? Or are we still viewing the world primarily as we are?