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3 different pagan gods

Did you know that Jesus Christ stands for three different pagan god names? Jesus was created out of Constantine’s dilemma that he had too much division and strife in his empire between all the pagan religions, so what was his solution? create a god that they can all worship that is similar to the gods they are already worshiping and by that unite them all, that’s a smart political move solved through religion. so out of hundreds of gods in the council of Nicaea they narrowed it down to around 52 and from there to the final 3, so Hesus is was the druid sun god of the British factions which was an incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz
Then Horus was chosen to please the Egyptian faction which is also an Assyrian sun God and incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz
And finally Krishna was taken from the Eastern pagan religions which was also a sun god incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz
All three united in one deity called Hesus Horus Krishna which later became in English Jesus Christ. in the Catholic church it’s symbolized by IHS.
The world has been worshiping the beast and it’s image for over a millennia and the true followers of Yahuah were the only ones refusing to take on the mark of this abomination that Constantine created, Constantine was a cult member of the cult called SOL INVICTUS it’s a sun worshiping cult that originated in Babylon and until the death of Constantine his empire coins still had SOL INVICTUS on them proving he never renounced his pagan religion, Constantine is also the one who approved the writings and compilation of the books that are called today as the New Testament, so there you have it, the founder of Christianity is a sun worshiping pagan who created a new god who is actually three different sun gods and put together the new testament.

The Church needs to get out the House

Nearly every town in America has multiple churches representing different denominations. The number of attendees is presently (January 2020) estimated at 214 million throughout America. There is no other organization with such representation, and yet where do we find America today? Has America become more Christian or less Christian as the numbers of Christians3 have burgeoned? Is America less or more ungodly as her churches have multiplied?

“As the churches increase, so do the infanticide clinics, sodomite parades, drag queen library shows, abhorrent legislation, debt and economic woes, and a plethora of other national, state, and local abominations….

“Someone is certain to declare, “That’s not how it’s supposed to be! Christ declared in Matthew 16:18 that He would build His church and gates of hell would not prevail against it!”

“But that’s not what He said.

“The gates of hell have easily prevailed against those at ease in their four-walled churches. The more churches, the quicker America has gone to “hell.” Perhaps instead of picketing infanticide clinics, we should be picketing new churches.

“When translated correctly, Matthew 16:18 declares the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ’s ecclesia—that is, His kingdom here on earth as established in communal ecclesias in the fullest sense of the term.

“In other words, when you look around and see the wicked bedlam in which we find ourselves in America, it’s not because God has failed us. It is because we have failed Him by erecting churches when we were commissioned to establish biblical ecclesias….”

You need to wake up

This should scare you

YOU are being lied to. The United States government is destroying their own people. Your tap water and toothpaste is loaded with Fluoride. What you consume is Genetically Modified and loaded with Aspartame, Trisodium Phosphate, Hormones, Steroids along with many other toxic chemicals. Your deodorant has Aluminum which causes Breast Cancer and alzheimer’s. They are spraying the sky with Chemtrails, and you just sit there worrying about your favorite team winning, TV shows, new sneakers and gadgets, meanwhile the Government and Pharmaceutical Companies are making over $300 billion off of cancer alone a year.

They cause people to be constantly sexually active, sick and with an aggressive behaviour and ect. You are being kept fat, stupid, lazy and ignorant. They Brainwash grown Men, Women and Children with News, Cartoons, Movies, Music, Sports, Religion, Fashion, Politics and Video Games, basically the entire entertainment industry, ILLUMINATI, “Robbing YOU of your time”, THEY ENTERTAIN YOUR EYES WITH GARBAGE, making you unproductive and with a zombie like state of mind. The theme of the country is in God we trust, but yet the most godless country in the world.

Children are not allow to pray or read a Bible in school, which eventually will direct them to the path of destruction, but when all hell breaks loose ignorant people want to blame Yah (God) for not protecting them. Most of you claim to believe, but your lifestyle contradicts your faith. ARE YOU PEOPLE REALLY THAT STUPID?

Your vote in the elections doesn’t mean anything, those people are selected not elected. They give you the illusion of choice and freedom, but in reality you have none. YOU teach your children about “Santa” (A LIE) “Satan” (THE FATHER OF LIES).

You celebrate commandments from the Satanic Bible such as Birthdays, Easter, Halloween and many others without even knowing it. You celebrate thanksgiving and the next day kill each other to catch a sale on black friday. You celebrate easter (BUNNIES DON’T LAY EGGS) and the next day is april fools. My goodness, do you not see the pattern all year long?

YOU lie to your children then have the nerves to get upset when they lie right back to you. YOU have all the time in the world to celebrate stupidity, but not to EDUCATE yourself. On top of you celebrating it, you don’t even know the origin of it.

YOU never speak to your children about Yah (God), Salvation or Repentance and don’t even take the time to teach them how to pray, but you’re quick to drill your worthless traditions and religion in their heads, then when they get rebellious on you, you’re quick to kick them out the house causing them to get in deeper things. You’ve spent all your life celebrating the same crap over and over again not realizing that the system was designed to keep you in debt. Keeping you in debt is modern day slavery if you haven’t noticed. You’re living paycheck to paycheck, your social security is your slave number. Reprogram your brain or your government will continue programming it for you. YOUR COUNTRY IS FINISH, WAKE UP ALREADY you been sleeping for way too long.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free, John 8:32.

God and Spiritual Maturity

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

I can see many things around me that I want to correct out of my humanity (personality, gifting, sense of injustice). Correcting my environment is not how we function. We live from the inside out.

I am a son of God first and foremost. So I do not chase after things that take my attention and focus off of my walking in the Spirit. I can know to do this and yet not do it.

My strength can become my greatest weakness if I do not allow it to be tempered by the Spirit. I shouldn’t do things in His name just because I can. This is a mark of spiritual immaturity – zeal without wisdom. The closer we follow Christ, the less we will do in His name.

This time we are in is for the sons and daughters of God to realign and refocus. Many will go into their season of transformation based on their response. It’s a process of death and resurrection. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” & “He renews my youth as the eagle’s” come into play.

Aloneness with Him does not allow me to chase off after other things. Don’t pass up your time with God sounding an alarm for a battle He never told you to participate in.

The Spirit World is seen within this Flesh World.

The goal of any dedicated group of children is to bring honor to their father, you bring him home when he is far away, you want to do his will, be pleasing to him.

Isn’t that what Christians want to do, why would any other children not feel the same way? As I have been doing, I plan to show the Spirits without making the unbelievers tremble in Fear from Scripture and show them how they themselves are tricked into worshiping even through they claim no religion.

The Religion of Science;
If you are going to have a religion it must have worship and its always proper to open worship services with Song and Dance. And that’s just what happened at the Cern opening Now what is this Cern that the whole world expects big things from?

“Cern is one of the most complex machines ever created. The LHC is the world’s largest particle accelerator, buried 328 feet (100 meters) under the French and Swiss countryside with a 17-mile (27 km) circumference.

The LHC collides two beams of protons together at the highest energies ever achieved in a laboratory. Six experiments located around the 17-mile (27 km) ring study the results of these collisions with massive detectors built in underground caverns. That’s the what, but why? The goal is to understand the nature of the most basic building blocks of the universe and how they interact with each other. This is fundamental science at its most basic.”

And that my religious friends is probably about the extent you know about your faith. Everything is Positive & Negative, the Sun and Moon are representation of this, down to magnets and lots in-between.

So A proton is a subatomic particle, with a positive electric charge, with the Electrons being the negatively charged particles, also within the nucleus of the atom (Adam) is Neutrons and these are neither Positive nor Negative.

Remember why they created this huge electronic magnet? “The goal is to understand the nature of the most basic building blocks of the universe and how they interact with each other” & “The most significant discovery to come from the LHC so far is the discovery of the Higgs boson on July 4, 2012.”

Keeping up so far, they are taking different atoms in different combinations and smashing them together, now I am working not to scare unbelievers off with Scripture, but we have to keep in mind what we are discussing.

We are told in Genesis this is how Yahuah Created everything. He told the Angels how to do this “work” everyday of Creation was 1000 years. Thats why there was 1000 year Sabbath. The first thing the Adversary did, was to corrupt “Adam” / “Atom” in the Garden and the bloodline.

The Fallen Angels who left their first estate and mated with human women, corrupting the Flesh, making babies called Nephilim that’s why Elohim flooded the earth (your know the Noahs ark story) to rid the earth of these offspring. And that’s pretty much what the entire Bible is about these Fallen Angels are returning, as in the days of Noah.

Okay I know my atheist friends do not want Bible stories but you must keep the story of the Bible in context, not the crap you were told the Bibles says. You can make up your own mind from there but dang at least know the true story.

Now we can see why they are smashing “Atoms” together, they can not create only corrupt. But what are they trying to create? Its what Most people call a Black Hole and what that really means is they’re trying to figure out the combination for the Fallen Angels to return.

Remember the exciting news from 2012 Higgs boson, this is what’s nicely known as the “God particle, searching for “Dark Matter” Looking for the god(S) of Darkness

Want to know what’s surprising? Just like everything in science it was predicted to be there 50 years earlier and what do you know, there it “IS” They are trying to open a Black hole the Fallen angels can return, using negative and natural parts of the building blocks of life.

Now Unbelievers look at what I have said here, research it and come back and explain away the ritual done at the opening of this facility.

Explain away the purpose of the statue sitting at Cern of the Hindu Deity Shiva also known as the destroyer. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the world, after which Brahma again creates the world.

In closing let me add CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) is in fact short for the Celtic horned God, Cernunnos. Can you not see their intent, they want to destroy/corrupt this world and create the NWO with their own gods.

If I am wrong;
Explain away why would they have Religion in Science?
Explain away why is the Cern symbol reduced to 666?
Explain away the Satanic opening?

The Spirit World is Real.

Body and Soul Connection

I’m a full believer in the “body soul” connection. Don’t think for a moment how you treat your body doesn’t affect your soul because it does and visa versa. Learn to love who you are. When you know your identity and honor and value yourself, dieting won’t be a sacrifice, it will become an honor and a lifestyle. Dieting should NEVER be in your vocabulary! A lifestyle change of healthy eating are for those who have had a paradigm shift to never return to the old ways again. You owe it to yourself. Feeding your spirit yet not caring for your body and soul leaves you unbalanced. Love yourself enough to care what goes into your body. When you know your value, you will treat your body, your weight, your soul and every part of yourself with royalty…. because you are royalty in the kingdom of God!

Feed Them Fish, Or Teach Them How to Fish

We can feed the poor pastorally by giving them food and water. But we can also feed people apostolically by giving them “hands and feet”. The corporate Church needs to apply wisdom where it is needed and where necessary. Obviously one can’t teach an old person how to fish, instead “feed the person with a fish” simply because an old person is not mentally and/or physically capable of learning new skills. However, that may not be the case for young people who are both physically and mentally capable of learning and assimilating new skills.

For young energetic people, the corporate Church in its food aid programme need to express its love for the poor apostolically and not pastorally where they merely feed them. The apostolic mindset is to create permanence and to resolve perennial issues. One way permanence is achieved is through equipping people with mental, spiritual, technical and business skills and technologies they require to have “hands and feet”. If they have “hands and feet”, they can be able to take care of themselves (Acts 3:1-10). However, that mindset is very much lacking in Babylon (the world). Babylon and its systems of governance is only out to control and manipulate people which is what nations have been doing since the fall of Adam. It is out to use the people to fulfill it’s own selfish agendas and rightly so as it is under the influence of principalities, rulers, powers and world forces of darkness in the heavenlies (Genesis 14:21, Ephesians 6:12). But the good news is that, the Kingdom of God with its system of governance will ultimately destroy Babylon when the Church rises to take its rightful place in the 2nd heavens. (Revelation 18:2, Daniel 2:34).