In the Gospel of Philip this world of called the ‘alien realm,’ and with regard to the Pleroma of Light it is indeed alien, for the True Light is foreign to this world. In every generation Great Lights, messengers of the Pleroma, appear in the world, but the world does not recognize them or know them, anymore than the world knew the Messiah and the Magdalene. When a Great Light appears, sons and daughters of light recognize them and are drawn to them, but tthe world cannot see the radiance of that Perfect Light, nor hear the Living Word and Wisdom spoken with power. When a Great Light of the Pleroma departs the world, the world does not mourn them. There are grand memorials and reflections on the lives of the servants of the archons, the rulers – the wealthy and famous, sports heroes, movie stars, politicians, and whatnot, but not so much with the messengers and servants of God, the True Light. When they depart there are often relatively few ind the world who notice, and yet the ‘heavens shake’ and the ‘earth trembles,’ as the ‘gates’ of the Pleroma of Light open for the return of a Great Star to its origin, having fulfilled the intention of the Supreme – the Infinite and Eternal One.