As from this year onwards, there will be a shift in perspective as we all awaken to a sense of alignment with 2022 ahead with potential to breakthrough the veiled illusion of reality.

When intent on what we see, there is an opportunity to refine all sense of definitions. Understanding how to tune and refine our perception is being guided in right here.

The dualistic screen which casts a division in every manner of truth is one we all succumb to in life. There is a nature to the truth of reality. To understand the truth, become it, it’s easy.

To realise the truth we must shed back the superficial exterior we use to divide ourselves to see how those underlying traits connect us.

Imagine the world as a virtual reality simulation and we are in it as individual characters. We all have a unique character to play on earth. The third dimension is a lower density field of energy as we correspond to nature’s laws. Nothing is excempt from universal law.

As we all switch places in character, timelines and participate in an eternal twist of life, death and rebirth, we might open up to the possibility of consciousness seen as one unifiable intelligent, reproductive cycle of light experienced from more than only one perspective, albeit we get to experience the authenticity of our character only one lifetime at a time or it would be too chaotic. Even our televisions are currently limited to a number of channels at a time. Everything resonates here.

As we play out our dramas and continue to feed our energy unto a constant battle between light and dense energy, we must look at our own reality in terms of conscious awareness.

Actions create reactions in a continuous repetitious manner, until heightened awareness intervenes. Everything takes on a new light, as soon as we raise integrity rather than exploit our ego nature to identify something in us ourself. There is a divide, from inside us all. However we see ourself is the image we use to project, this is seen as being our own reality.

Time used to research our authenticity will bring us to realise that we are limiting ourselves as to which channels of communication we use to raise our own conscious light source connection.

Judging others by our own standards or anything else for that matter relating to the external life image cast before us, is a drop in the ocean, by comparison to what we see when we use the same level of discrimination to discern finer use of judgment against us ourself as individuals consciously evolving.

If we don’t like what we see being projected, then we need to readjust the channels through which we perceive. Everything here is revolving around the concept of one’s intention. Intent to imagine and the power of intention to create by using your inner life fire. Everything has the potential to communicate and perceive, which applies to you, me and everything else here…

If everything is being mirrored and reflected, what channels are we using and are our mirrors clean to see reality as it is? Or are we still viewing the world primarily as we are?