*GOD – Not to be confused with G.O.D. the corporation.

I believe it’s time to dissolve the image of God made by mankind.

There is no one face or object that can fill the space.
This is not an attempt to exalt one but instead to edify the many.

To use the word he when referring to God, I feel something inside that does not agree with this gender label, unless to consider matter mother and father – all the energy between. God is neither a man nor a woman. Not one thing or another, still all things at the same time. Everything and no thing, ever-changing image in our minds.

The life force within, some may call this God, the cosmology of the Universe, true and natural things. Energy and an always constant forever moving change. Not in one moment does everything stay the same. I am a form of God, acknowledging one piece of itself – the true essence of life itself. Effortlessly I exist, the body automatically plays its role in this!