The Wise One yields to head knowledge and heart wisdom that he or she has amassed over time in deciding what he or she believes, how he or she behaves, and who he or she would associate with. Wisdom is following one’s intuition versus external governance.

The Wise One is dedicated to the just abolition of willful ignorance rather than being enslaved to it, pursuing personal mental ascent as opposed to one committing to fearful intellectual surrender. Wisdom boldly examines the mysterious and the miraculous of life.

The Wise One considers critical thinking, which is necessary for religious deconstruction and spiritual reconstruction, to be a most virtuous endeavor and essential in everyone’s awakening process. Wisdom refuses to be stunted or snuffed out via indoctrination.

The Wise One recognizes that divine intervention is a wholly human enterprise, directing hope, faith, and love where it belongs, in our species’ collective energy versus a peerless transcendence. Wisdom is finding inner peace and communal harmony in oneness.