This is not a battle or war of force. Rather it is of the mind consciousness, thoughts, emotions, feelings? For if one controls those three, what else is need to be done? And of course no one’s stepping up.

All religions fear their God and then they fear the dark forces, which in actuality is denying and lack of faith in their God. For I’ve been trampling the front lines for quite a while now and I jab at all levels, but I’m also working towards Unity Oneness wholeness through acceptance and forgiveness.

I’ve tried to get others to open their eyes and join forces, but they just sit as conformist lazy of ignorance. But that’s okay. I’ll still be on the front lines putting my neck on the line each day. Thus, this is our battle, not our children’s for all these religious people. Talk about God, but don’t do nothing in the world to better it other than walk down the street and ask people to believe in Jesus or Muhammad or whoever their stint of fear stinks.