The Matrix movies are about us being trapped in a word of illusion. Until someone “unplugs” from that illusion and decides to help free us all from it.

In the Matrix Neo is the called “The One”. That is because he has unplugged from the illusion of the “many” and recognised himself as the “one dreamer”.

What is Gnosticism?

Christian Gnosticism developed to try and correct the mistaken views of the Church about God and His relationship to the world.

As one Gnostic text states, “What kind of God is this?”

The Gnostics taught that the material word was an illusion. A product of mis-thought and therefore nothing whatsoever to do with the Real God.

The Gnostics were so hated by the Church that they banned and burned their books.

The Gnostics believed in the Reality of the One, the One True Divine Light.

They also talked about this element called “the craftsman” or “the demiurge”.

(Think Freemasonry and their obsession with the craftsman.)

For Gnostics the demiurge was evil. This is represented in the Matrix Movies as “the architect.” The creator of this world.

The reason the Gnostics were so hated by the Church is that they equated the demiurge with the god of the Bible. This was the “evil creator” who produced this world of suffering.

So, the demiurge or “the craftsman” (ego/satan) creates the material world, which is the world of illusion. Just like the architect creates the Matrix in the movies.

The material world is a realm of suffering and darkness, which is completely the opposite to the Reality of Heaven, which is pure light.

In other words, the Gnostics believed this illusory material world to be hell.

According to the Gnostics the demiurge needs the now “sleeping divine light” to power it’s creation. So, it needs to keep the divine light asleep to use it as a power source to fuel the illusion. Much like as in the Matrix we see humans kept asleep and used as batteries.

The demiurge also uses “archons” or “servants” to act as prison guards to prevent the divine light from awaking to the truth about itself and escaping. Just like the agents in the Matrix.

The Gnostics believed in reincarnation. So they knew that death wasn’t the escape. They believed that “knowledge” or “gnosis” was the escape. The knowledge that the world wasn’t real and they weren’t really their physical bodies.

Neo confronts the architect (the world maker) in the movie. This is the same as the story of Jesus confronting the devil in the desert, and the story of Buddha confronting Mara prior to enlightenment.

Do we listen to the voice of the architect and stay asleep in the Matrix, or do we listen to the voice of the One and awaken?

That is completely up to us.