We are moving from 3D to 5D

This will cause you to ‘purge’ emotions and you will experience what is known as ‘The dark night of the soul’

This is a period of time where you will cry over past events and traumas..

This is your ‘Soul Ascending’ to 5D ❤🕊💫

You will feel better soon, you need to face your past in order to move forwards.. So when you feel like you are taking a step back right now.. Please know that it is all part of the planetary evolution we are experiencing.

Remember evolution occurs under great stress and we are now in the bottleneck of our evolution..
This is why you are seeing so much trouble in the streets..

This is because we are being ‘Plugged into 5d’

We are experiencing ‘dimensional bleeding’

A dimension is a frequency you ‘tune into’ much like you change a channel on a radio..

Some are tuned into 3d ‘Fear’ and some are tuned into 5d ‘Love’.
We stay in the same physical place. It is where we place our ‘attention’ that defines our lifes journey.

Change your ‘attention’ and you change ‘your life’

Welcome to ‘Ascension of the Human Race’

This is where 2 dimensions clash..

Not long until the ‘New Earth’ now