Sad to see so many drown in the shallows of frivolous things,
Led astray like puppets, on the end of meaningless strings.
They can tell you everybody’s dirt, and who’s having sex,
But don’t know who they are from one minute to the next.
Ignorance is bliss for them, they’ve no need for a clue,
Until the day they realize, themselves they never knew.
Ninety percent of all they say, never changes a thing,
Wasting precious breath on songs no one needs to sing.
Like mindless parrots mocking, monkey see so monkey do,
They’d rather follow three blind mice than search for something new.
Their priorities are backwards, what should be first is last,
Spinning wheels while standing still, and going nowhere fast.
Living off the gossip vine, all secrets they must know,
Caring more about another’s business, than they do about their own.
Addicted to distractions that steel their precious time,
Robed of life and don’t even know who committed the crime.
Their endlessly complaining, but nothing ever rearranges,
Because just bitching only guaranties, that nothing ever changes.
And they’ll talk you half to death if you let them in the door,
Leaving you less intelligent than you ever were before.
Because they waste their time on things that never really matter,
Then wonder why good things in life from them just seem to scatter.
For, without a firm foundation, they’re like tumble weed in the breeze,
And any thoughts of getting ahead, are for them only a tease.
So, deep inside, look far and wide, things aren’t what they seem,
Don’t let yourself get lost inside a cheap and shallow dream.
Live for things that matter, and drink from deeper springs,
Or life will have you tangled up, in the thick of thinnest things.