The story of Shiva and Shakti is a love story.
It’s the story of the quest to be loved within our own being. The reunion with our totality from the union of opposites.

In Hindu tradition, Shakti represents the female principle, it is symbolized by the kundalini snake which is found engraved at the base of the spine, in the sacred bone, where the first chakra is located, and Shiva, the masculine principle linen, located in the upper part of the spine, roughly on the seventh chakra.

When Shakti awakens Shiva, i.e. when the Kundalini reaches its highest form, new plans of understanding are reached. There, in the highest center, Shiva and Shakti make love and from that union all energy and all unturbable consciousness is created, transforming into a pure light and as a spiral of energy, through the portal of Brahma, the seventh Chakra in the coronilla, disappearing into infinity and back to the source. There is no union more powerful than that.

Shiva and Shakti represent the limbs of the vertical axis of the human being, the Wizard and the Empire of the Tarot, intuition and sensation that united, provoke enlightenment. They are the two sides of the same coin, as the Ying and the Yang. Shiva is perception and consciousness. Shakti is creation and change. On a supreme level, both exist in an inseparable union.
History tells Shakti remains asleep. When she awakens begins her journey ascending towards higher energy centers (chackras) transforming into a beautiful Goddess.
Arriving at the seventh chakra in the coronilla, he finally meets his beloved Shiva (our spiritual consciousness) who lies asleep on the lotus flower of a thousand petals.
Then he begins to dance for him, and the love emanates from his dance awakens him. He joins her in that dance and the two, dancing and loving each other, are merged into a single being, the androgynous, half male, half female thus performing the Mystic Wedding, where the opposites unite to return to unity again, i.e. divinity and hu humanity, body and spirit dancing together into one being.

Sometimes spontaneously or even through an accident, kundalini energy awakens into more evolved beings. However, there are various techniques for its activation that range from posture and breathing exercises, to practices of sexual magic, retaining the orgasm and transforming it into an energy fuel for spiritual enlightenment.

When we awaken our serpent, we awaken the very feminine energy of the spirit, physical and sexual, which is the foundation of all creation in the material world, and even the spiritual experience itself.

That awakening, as in fairy tales, turns that terrible snake into a beautiful goddess, Shakti Kundalini, rising through the spinal cord, awakening and undressing the divinity that exist in each chakra. Those active gods mean the well functioning of the chakras, unlocked and harmonized by the Kundalini energy itself.

The great foundation of this tale states that only through experience will we reach our essence. Only through Shakti will we reach Shiva. The vital energy that runs through the inside of the spinal cord is the fundamental detonator both to unlock and balance the horizontal chakras, as well as to ignite the flame of the spiritual crown.

We can then see what it is about a process: the awakening of the Kundalini and its journey through the chakras, one by one to reach its destination. You cannot skip stages or chakras.

You have to experience every step of the ladder of consciousness that is the backbone of the spine. We start at the base with the awakening of vital energy, taking awareness of the body and its sensations. Next it will open the way for balance between emotional and rational.

From there it will open the doors of the heart and consciousness until it finally unites to its essence.