Lets think about something….. just because a bunch of people, at the top of the political and governmental structure…. worship something or someone called lucifer…. and they even sacrifice babies in private…. drink blood, plan wars as mass human sacrifices, etc…. is THAT the EVIDENCE of how REAL it is? Even if they are having EXPERIENCES and encounters and the world around them is confirming and affirming in them, what they believe in, is real… is it?

How many millions of people with an image of a white european jesus, and paintings of him coming on a horse in the clouds with an army or angels…. believing in a rapture, and a plan of escape….. how many millions of dollars are spent on fortifying these beliefs with films, and books, and conferences…. and people have real experiences, encounters, the world backs up and confirms to them, that what they believe, is real, the truth…..

Millions of children believe in santa clause, they worry about being a good boy or girl, they write letters, they think long n hard about what they want for christmas, they fear getting coal in the stocking, and they have dreams, and experiences, and the world validates and affirms what they believe is real……

What makes something real???? is it because WE EXPERIENCE IT??? Is that what makes it FACT? Because the Bible says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HE WHO BELIEVES….. ALL THINGS MEANS ALL THINGS MEANS….. WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IS TRUE, will be TRUE FOR YOU…. whatever you THINK YOU CAN EXPERIENCE is a POTENTIAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU….. So its actually YOUR BELIEF that causes YOUR EXPERENCE…. Jesus even said that to the people who were healed…. YOUR FAITH, HAS MADE YOU WHOLE!!!!
Which reality is more of a lie??? Lucifer in the sky??? Or Jesus in the sky???? Which one is more true???? or are the both equal in potential??? Is it the Reality of Lucifer or Jesus that affects you???? Or is it YOUR BELIEF in Lucifer or Jesus that makes them REAL IN YOUR EXPERIENCE????

YOU are the OBSERVER. YOU are the ONE Looking….. and WHAT YOU SEEK, YOU WILL FIND. But at the end of the day, it was YOU who BELIEVED, YOU who LOOKED, and YOU who EXPERIENCED. How many of us, our idea of Jesus, perception of Christ has CHANGED and EVOLVED over the years? And as our BELIEFS evolved, our EXPERIENCE evolved……..

Im not discreditting that there are realms of darkness, in which are the experience of devils n demons….. im just saying they only exist in darkness, and darkness is ignorance, its not truth….. and those things DO NOT EXST IN TRUTH….. they dont exist in the Awareness of the Pressence of the God who is Love and Light…. who is ONE…. the more you start waking up to our cultrural programming, to our religious beliefs, to our education….. and seperating yourself, the TRUTH of YOU from the BELIEFS you hold….. you begin to start seeing each word and its effects upon your consciousness, your lens, your filter…… you begin to start taking control of the narrative……
You begin to realize there is no difference between the luciferian or the christian…… all religion keeps people seperated in their mind, performing for some distant god, trying to get approval and rewards, and desiring to be noticed with special attention and to win some special place in the heirarchy….. yes there may be some extremes that seem to make luciferianism so much worse than christianity, but when you do the math through the ages, just as many deaths, tortures, kidnappings, human trafficking, you name it….. was done in the name of jesus, and christianity….. yes, not the majority of people, but the extreme poles…. just like most people tricked into luciferianism are not intending to be some crazy extremist…. they are just looking for something…. and they think theyve found it….. in one church there are people in pews with good intentions thinking they have found it, n screaming halleluyah, and jesus lives….. while in their mind imagining white jesus distant and far off hoping they make the cut, and at the fromt there is a ministering doing healing, and faking it, and someone playing along with him that theyve been healed, and people are running to te alter throwing money down….. there are degrees to deception, just like there are degrees to freemasonry…… there are degrees to religion……

At the end of the day though, what is the truth? An omnipresent breath, that gives consciousness equally unbiasedly to all, activating imagination and intelligence, and the power of belief….. all are equal, and all have potential of all tings, but all are born into families, tribes, societies, cultures, and conditions, and their minds are conditioned to believe, and what they believe they experience.

REPENT (CHANGE YOUR MIND) for the Kingdom of GODSELF is at hand, the LIFE OF GOD is omnipresent, in him we live we breath we move we have our being…… GODS MIND is omnipresent, and we are WITHIN IT and created BY IT, NOW, IN THE MOMENT, not in the past, RIGHT NOW we r being CREATED and SUSTAINED by the UNCREATED LIFE that we are MOVING IN AND BREATHING IN…. the LIGHT of CHRIST that is not distant and far off, it is the LIGHT OF EVERY MAN THAT COMES INTO THE WORLD, and HIDDEN WITHIN ALL AS A MYSTERY WAITING TO BE REVEALED.