Life’s comprehensibility, is a Universal Sign
That the seer and the scenery, are intimately Entwined
Life gives life the ability, to recognize its Own
And comprehend from where it came, to Prove it’s not Alone
The similarities between Mind and Verse were made to be Seen
It’s All a perpetual reprise, of a few invariant Themes
And why life is substrate relative, to All the Cosmic Laws
So that the Medium IS the Message, behind the conscious Cause
It’s all made with spheres and mirrors, the sacred geometrical Forms
When collected in mass, emerge into a conscious collective Storm
It’s the Most reliable source of, Transcendent Communication
Universal sign language, Never goes on Vacation
For the Universe is a house of mirrors, reflecting into Infinity
And is only scary if, your rejecting your Divinity
From black holes to the Multi-Verse, Resemblance was the Intension
To make the mirror specifically, for relation Comprehension
Reflection is the undeniable proof, the Universe knew you were Coming
And ignoring all the Signs, only perpetuates cognitive Numbing