In the awareness of Paganism that is everywhere, people assume so much based on movies and Fox News. Dress in all black alt clothing and practice magick and some people STILL associate that with diabolism – in 2021, when there is more awareness of witchcraft and paganism than at any other time in modern history! The hashtag “witchcraft” is larger than the hashtag “Biden” and although witchcraft and Pagan paths have been the fastest-growing spiritual paths in the USA for decades now we’ve seen a huge boom in people becoming Witches during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Yet, still some people are clinging to nonsense about us that was little more than a lie intended to stigmatize a spiritual path that empowers the individual so that Christian authorities can hold on to power. When will the lie finally die?

I am not in a slave-master relationship of any kind and such relationships are the reason why I long ago left Christianity. It makes no sense to leave one just to get into another with the Christian anti-God. Furthermore, I don’t even believe in the Biblical Satan or accept him as a reality. To believe in Satan is to believe in everything surrounding Satan – the Abrahamic God creating Heaven and Earth, Adam & Eve, the Fall from Heaven etc.

The fundamental assumptions required for a belief in Satan thusly require taking the Biblical stories literally, which is not a Pagan belief it’s a Christian one. Us Pagans have our own structure and form that exists independently of Judeo-Christianity.