We live in a 3 D world and a society that pressures us to become increasingly (within standard standards), to want more (within materialism), in a constant comparison to the models that are instilled in us.
We are led to seek to live up to the expectations of our parents, the environment that surrounds us, our colleagues or our bosses.

We forget that our Power lies within us (even if it is sometimes very difficult to exercise), and we have given up our Power to be able to live up to this society that conditions us and wants to force us to ′′ be ′′ within the standard that is instituted.

And in the midst of all this ′′ rush ′′ of this society and this way of life, to which we are pushed, we suffer more and more from Depressive Ansieties and symptoms.
The anxieties that we may not live up to our expectations (ours or instilled in us), since many of these expectations are not even ours!
The depression of looking at the past, and staying in the energy of the Past, of what we wanted and didn’t happen… often, for looking forward to not being able to see how the Future will perform for us.

To help deal with Ansieties and Depressions, we can retake and re-empower our Power. The Power to act for what we feel and intuite to be the best for us, even if it’s something different than the society around us thinks we should do.
Live in the Present, live in the Moment.
Without being in the ′′ Past ′′ or the ′′ Future “.
Naturally planning so that what is intended can be fulfilled, but most of all by releasing the Past (as it is no longer here, so any influence from the past can function as an anchor and delay us).
The Future isn’t here yet, so why should it be the main conditioner of our Present?
The Past is no longer here… so why should it condition what I do now, at this MOMENT?
Expectations (what we wanted in the past – and we didn’t have, and what we want for the future – and we only see uncertainty) shape our vibration, keeping us stuck in vibrations of lack and loss. And these vibes, instead of helping us, only help us go deeper and deeper into what our dense vibration is.

Look at the moment, and make the best for us every moment!
And anxieties improve, depressions calm down a little.