꧁ WITH PRACTICE, YOUR MAGIC IS MORE POWERFUL ꧂༄︎ Get rid of the idea that: to practice magic, you need a grass, a candle, an incense, a boiler, an ordinary instrument… Those are just accessories.

⁂︎ Magic is in the knowledge you have, in the inner strength, spiritual, mental, in the energy you have and know how to use…

𖦹︎ Is there no incense? Open the window, let the air in, summon the wind, the breeze, let the perfume of your desires climb to the skies…

᯽︎ Isn’t there a candle? Turn on the stove, invoke the power of fire, purifies… Is there no stove? Ignite the fire inside your body… Call it from your bowels.

᯾︎ Don’t you have herbs for a bathroom? Open the faucet, call the water to clean, purify… Don’t you have a faucet? Invoke the tears that you carry inside, to cleanse you… Aren’t they coming? Summon and call the humidity in the air… Who is a witch or a wizard always finds a way!

⌘︎ Don’t you feel safe@?
Take off your shoes and put your feet on the ground, feel the heart of this beating, Are you in an apartment? Put your feet on the ground, feel your energy coming down every floor, running and flowing until you overcome the foundations… Mother Earth is still there!

۞︎ You are spirit, you are strength, you are thought, energy, you are never alone@!
The Witch and the Witch are connected with everything and with everything, with nature, with souls, with the universe and all its dimensions, so please don’t fall asleep just because things, sometimes, seem to get stuck, remember that you are seed and you process continues though be in silence.

⍟︎ You are eternal@
So many lives you’ve lived, many more to live!
Just like yours. So don’t be afraid. Thank you for the balance, for the spiral, for the beginning, the end and those who are here passing, evolving..

𖣔︎ Remember: your voice, your breath, your eyes, your ears, your body, your sex, your thoughts, your energy, your spirit; all that you have been, you are and will be.. Everything is an instrument of magic, If you know how to use it.

߷︎Magic begins within you. A witch/wizard brings in himself his wisdom and power of his descendants.
You are the most powerful instrument that exists, you are magic 🌞 🧙🏼 ♂️