Once you start going deeper within the Biblical mysteries, you will find out about ancient truths that were once practiced and believed by the early church. These truths seem to reiterate themselves through the scriptures but remain hidden to those who only approach the Bible from a literal viewpoint. The strange thing is that the more you study you end up finding these truths are evident throughout many ancient religions of antiquity. This usually leads to the study of syncretism and finding out the similarities within the majority of religious doctrines. Although names and titles may change from book to book, there is an essence that remains constant throughout the spiritual and allegorical interpretations of the texts. This is what the early Essenes and Gnostic groups believed, that we must first cater to the inside of man and his spiritual life to be able to bring order to the minute things we face on the outside in our day-to-day lives. Renew the mind and the rest will follow. The early Christians believed strongly in spiritual manifestations of many kinds and these manifestations were a part of their daily lives. When we compare this ideology and lifestyle with those of the Tao, Hermeticism, or any other faiths or beliefs, we then begin to find common ground. This is a necessity if we are going to progress together. As above so below. As within so without.