“If you have woken up and see how others sleep around you, then walk in pointers, respect your dream and discover the perfection of your own times, just as your own were perfect.”
When they open their eyes, the flash of your shine will help them to wake up without having to do anything.
If you’re still sleeping, relax and enjoy your sleep, you’re being curled up and taken care of.
Waking up is not an act of magic, although your life is full of magic.
Waking up has nothing to do with your outer world, although everything around you seems to have a new glow.
Waking up doesn’t change your life, although you feel like everything has changed.
Waking up doesn’t erase your past, but looking back you perceive it as the story of someone very dear who learned a lot, but you feel that someone is no longer you.
Waking up doesn’t wake up your loved ones, but they look more divine before your eyes.
Waking up doesn’t heal all your wounds, but they stop ruling you.
Waking up doesn’t fix your financial situation, but you feel like a millionaire.
Waking up doesn’t make you more popular, but you don’t feel lonely anymore.
Waking up doesn’t make you beautiful in the eyes of others, but it makes you perfect in front of your own eyes.
Waking up doesn’t give you more power, but you discover the power you have.
Awakening may not dissolve the bars in your prisons, but it gives you the freedom to be yourself.
Waking up won’t change the world, it will change you.
Waking up doesn’t take away responsibility, on the contrary it makes you aware of the consequences of your actions and choices.
Waking up doesn’t always make you right, rather you don’t feel the desire to have it anymore.
Waking up doesn’t bring waves of Love into your life, you discover that that candle dwells in you.
Waking up has little to do with what you imagine and has everything to do with Love.
Awakening is loving yourself, with your limits and with your experiences, is loving the other as part of your being and is loving your existence…
Yes, loving this beautiful life so amazing and varied in all its shades.
Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of being the wonderful Being that you already are.
Your life is a Holy Act for it is the creation of God that is in you, which is You.
Happy moment!
Greetings to your beautiful soul…