When we break free from the Matrix illusion and awaken to the horrors that befall our planet, our natural human instinct is to want to help others, by imparting this truth upon them. Unfortunately these best of intentions can cause more problems than they solve.

Those who are deeply rooted in the programme must overcome several barriers before they are ready to awaken. There are layers upon layers of conditioning that must first be unravelled. Most people are nowhere near open-minded enough to question the entirety of their deeply rooted belief system, which has been firmly grafted upon them since birth.

Those who are the most invested in the illusion will be the least receptive to anyone or anything that challenges it. The ego will always seek to maintain its identity and will respond quickly and sharply to anything that threatens it.

If we attempt to awaken others prematurely, we will most likely find ourselves on the back end of a defensive knee-jerk response and will almost invariably be met with hostility. If we take this personally, we can feel a deep sense of betrayal from those we were merely trying to help.

If we don’t reconcile with these feelings, then this betrayal can quickly turn into resentment, anger and even hatred. This downward spiral can become increasingly difficult to turn around from, especially when we consider that these negative emotions usually breed more of the same. Before we know it, we can find ourselves consumed by a raging vendetta against humanity. This is how a good-hearted and well-intentioned individual can turn bitter and revengeful, becoming almost unrecognizable to their former self.

There’s a fine line between good and evil. No matter how well-intentioned someone believes themselves to be, or indeed used to be, this can be easily corrupted if one does not keep a check on themselves.

Everyday I witness disparaging attitudes from so-called awakened souls towards those who are deemed ‘asleep’ or ‘unevolved’. Of course it can be frustrating when others can’t see what is glaringly obvious to us, especially when we give up our time and energy to help open their eyes, only to have this thrown back in our face. Nonetheless, we must try and be as understanding as we can, otherwise we will be plagued by constant resentment and animosity which will blacken our heart and turn us into the very thing which we seek to oppose.

Each and every one of us has the potential for darkness. In the murky depths of our shadow sleeps a raging monster which can be awoken at any time, given the right conditions. If we were to come face to face with this darker aspect of ourselves, it would be sure to horrify us. This is why we project our darkness outward onto others, seeing in others what we refuse to acknowledge within ourselves.

This balance between light and dark is a central theme in the Star Wars films, where we see the internal battle of good and evil between certain characters. This same dualistic battle is something we all wrestle with on a daily basis, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

To stay anchored in the light, we must seek to retain compassion and empathy, which separate us from the psychopathic ruling forces, who are incapable of feeling a shred of remorse or accountability for the vile atrocities that they endlessly commit.

It is only through a forgiving, understanding and loving heart where we retain our humanity and keep ourselves operating from the benevolent spark endowed upon us by our creator.