Where did he come from and what is his STORY? Why do religions consider him this demonic being that haunts us and wants us evil? Mentioned since the night of times in the sacred texts of all great religions and civilizations, Lucifer constitutes one of the greatest mysteries of esoteric science. However, THIS KNOWLEDGE WAS STOLEN FROM US thousands of years ago.

Many are the writings and myths that the Ancients have conveyed to us about the role and importance of Lucifer, as well as the artifacts and statues erected in his name: he is the Seth of the Egyptians, brother of Osiris; he is Satan who tempted Jesus in the Desert; he is the God Majishasura of Hindus who was rejected from Heaven; he is the rival of Rama who removed his wife Sita; he is the Christian Angel who rebelled against God; he is the Mara Demon who tempted the Master Buddha; he is the Xotolt of Aztecs it is, twin brother of Christ Quetzalcoatl; he is the dragon of the Temples conquered by Angel Michael; he is Promised among the Greeks who stole the Fire from the Gods to give it to humans, etc.

When we study the Latin name of Lucifer, it consists of the word ”luxury”, light, and the word ”hell”, the bearer. So who is this famous Lucifer, Light Bearer, that religions have been condemned for too long as being the Demon guilty of all our evils?

Acquiring knowledge about the real identity of Lucifer is a true grace for our Path.

The Greek myth of Thesis and the Minotaur, reveals to us mysteries about the true role of Lucifer Particulier.

The labyrinth in which Thesis enters to free the people from this terrible beast that steals their riches, their wives and children, is the image of human psychology. With the ego embodied in the Three Brains, our psychology looks like a library of thousands of volumes. Every night, unconsciously, we wander into our own psychological city without even knowing where we are heading. When Thesis enters the maze, so as not to get lost, Princess Ariane offers her a thread so that on the way home, she knows how to get out.

While the Minotaure here represents the intelligence of the Ego, the Inner Beast we must fight against, Ariane, she symbolizes the Divine Mother who accompanies and helps her son on the Path of Awakening. However, the thread Ariane provides to Thesis, refers to this Supra-Divine part of our own Deep Inner Being, which, on the Way, helps us find the exit of the labyrinth of our egoistic and conditioned psychology: it’s him Light Maker, this Lucifer Particular who helps us to find the Path of Liberation.

Truth is, everyone has his own Lucifer. He acts within us as a spiritual guide so that we discover who we really are. He is the one who, on the path of Awakening, helps us get rid of this legion of egos that characterizes us. But through existence and reincarnations, Lucifer has lost the divine glow of this Light that ignites him and has become black as coal. Swindled and clothed with our worst psychological aggregates, we have begun to name him Satan. But beneath the thick layers of Egos that he carries on him, his Divine Essence shines.

Lucifer’s Sacrifice is immense and even though he suffers from the role he has been given, he knows that the work he does is completely Christian and revolutionary. Because the responsibilities that he has in this difficult task are necessary for the well-being of the one he tries but also for the God he serves.

It is through the identification of the pleasures of the senses, inside our relationships with others and facing the trials we live on the path, but also through sexuality, that Lucifer tests our psychology so that we can Let’s learn to Die to our desires, to our attachments, To our fears and judgments.

In an old Latin manuscript it says “DAEMONIUM IS CHRIST INVERSE”. Despite his reputation, the ancients had enough Wisdom to understand that “Lucifer is the Reverse Christ” that resides in the deepest of our Soul.

For a very long time Lucifer was venomized by the first Christians, they called him the Daemon. The gnostics of the time of Jesus, sometimes called the Sethians as mentioned in the Pistis Sophia (teachings Jesus gave to his best disciples after his Resurrection), knew the importance of his role for the seeker moving forward in the Path of Holiness and Perfection. They understood that without him we would be lost, because hypnotized by the states of souls that make us live in the Egos, it would be impossible for us to discover ourselves.

Unfortunately, over the centuries, the knowledge and understanding we had of Lucifer began to fade away, to be distorted to eventually be completely altered. Some priests and religious people, identifying their weaknesses with Lucifer, have begun to hate him and defame his reputation in the Church.

Of course, if Lucifer is a part of our Deep Inner Being, it is also “a ladder to go up or down”, because by the way we act in the face of the temptations that he presents us, we become an Angel or a Demon.