*You will feel pain.

  • You will doubt yourself a thousand times.
  • They’ll tell you you’re going crazy.
  • You will lose friends.

*Your family sometimes won’t understand you.

*People will hate you for no reason.

You will develop weird habits.

You will fight your monsters (fear, ego)
and ignorance).

*You won’t care what they think of you.

*You will feel unfit in this world.

You’ll become terribly selective.

  • And you’ll slowly be left alone.

“But it will all be worth it… No one lights up
fantasizing figures of light, but making
aware of the darkness around us and the
that dwells within us.”

True spiritual awakening is not a caress, but rather a bucket of cold water.

What would it serve you, that caress your ego, with whispers, fantasies or yearnings. When all you need is a strong shake, for you to truly assume what life is.

True SPIRITUAL AWAKENING is a process of destruction.
“It’s the crumble of everything that YOU ARE NOT. “