“I tell you, there are millions of people on Earth spiritually awake, who no longer swallow the unmixed “official truths”, who see beyond appearances, who no longer let themselves be manipulated.

There are more levels of acceptance. For example, there are people who accept to wear a mask all the time, who accept to be locked inside for months, who will accept to be mandatory a certain vaccine; but things won’t stop here, they’ll get more and more nse and to at some point, it will come to some things that will be too much even for these people.

My hope is that we will grow vibrational enough (and implicate, we will be able to raise the vibration level of the collective fast enough), that we change the timeline and avoid reaching, as a collective, at that moment in which things are so hard that even those who accept the things listed above say “Not really! This is too much! “.
Restrictions/bans/rules (collective population control) may end up being much tougher than what it is now, so this is just the beginning. I hope we don’t get to experience that time line where population control will reach this level. “