I know that this may be hard for some of ‘ya’ll’ to believe because so many in the ‘truther movement’ still have ‘eyes wide shut’ and are super polarised by the also brainwashing effects of the ‘anti this, anti that’ vibe, but listen to me… because trust me, I know.

Freemasonry, in simple terms is literally an organisation using ritual drama to go through certain steps to reach ‘masonic light/enlightenment’… they don’t actually do the type of ‘ceremonial magick’, ‘casting spells’ and ‘calling on entities’, that one might think they do, many have described it as a modern day ‘mystery school’, that also incorporates ‘societal values’ like charity work into what they encourage their initiates to take part in, freemasonry holds alot of history and old age practices aswell as wisdom within… in most aristocratic families that span all the way back to Rome etc… it is part of their family traditions to (as soon as their children hit 18), to be initiated into societies like and similar to the freemasons, before you delve into the occult at all, there are things that you have to know… such as (you don’t learn ‘good’ or ‘bad’ knowledge) as there isn’t really ‘good’ knowledge and ‘bad’ knowledge… it’s how you use it, and because of the way that these children have been brought up from birth, they obviously use it to help their families agendas on the world, can freemasonry do anything about this… not really, because they are controlled (just like any big organisation) by people like the cousin of the queen… and, allot of the time, these ‘Aristocratic teens’ are initiated into lesser known lodges, braches of MASONRY and groups that are governed by others then the york rite etc, (like Egyptian freemasonry which has 99 degrees) that may be more suited to a specific belief in ‘what to do with the knowledge’ etc, but at the most popular and publicly known level, it is a way to help people lead ‘better lives’ through the realisation of masonic ritual drama.

You may ask (why would they let anybody learn this), and to that I say… they ‘like’ people that find their way to the Occult and teach it, as long as you aren’t distorting their agenda in anyway, make of that what you will.

Am I in any way ignoring the facts that the large amount of wealth amassed by these certain groups may not be being directed to more ‘sinister things’, just like McDonald’s, Primark, Walmart and Texico etc, NO… but do the general participants have any knowledge or power in this matter, not really… so I believe that there are many institutions and more that need to be ‘boy-cotted’ in order to make the world a ‘better place’, but in the case of masonry (a thousands year old mystery tradition that the world would not spiritually progress without), but rather remove those using it in un-balanced ways if we all really want the future that we speak about… so there is absolutely NO point in going on the way that people are, as occultism, esotericism, mysticism, magick, tantra, masonry, gnosticism, druidism, paganism, voodoo, astrology, kabbalah, spiritualism, mystery schools and more… are never, will never and CAN NEVER go away, only the ways that they are effecting us, used, harnessed, taught, learnt, spread, practiced, written about and institutionalised will!