There is a light in everything here we see, to some degree, as everything is fundamentally based around the principles of light vibrations and the energy we have to transmit or receive.

Therefore our individual concept of perception is based on what we can and what we can’t see simultaneously. As polarity in this third dimension is obscured within the dark confines of our own ignorant one dimensional minds.
Not everyone will understand or be able to see reality as it is, as dualism dictates to both the conscious mind aware and unaware.

Unless the light we have within us has been guided and given the touch of conscious reality, it remains contained inside of us under terms and conditions and vaguely forbidden.

If we don’t see the light in ourself, or relate to nature as we are designed, then we cannot see it’s potential in each and every other soul.

The closed mind is prized open, gradually in a sequence of events or encounters, designed to awaken us on our light ascension path. The destination has always been light orientated.

Nature and mysticism combined assist un our individual alignment, as we continue to walk the pathway of illumination by becoming the initiated one mentally, emotionally and physically. To be unified or not to be is guided by the light we have inside to shine…

No one else other than you can be your most authentic individual self, light mastered to ascend, naturally and consciously.

The solitary path and the Hermetic principles, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Christ Consciousness,

Alpha Omega, various religions throughout history are but a few of the routes taken by initiates who have been intent to evolve consciously. The competition or the Holy Quest is initiated from within you, when you turn the switch on and tune in as using heightened states of awareness to engage and activate what is within you.