Being that you were born with the gift of seeing things differently and that scares them, they will call you “intense” because you were born with courage and courage to allow you to live and feel everything fully and that intimidates them

They will call you “selfish” because you discover that you are, an important being in the Universe and that doesn’t benefit them….

They will call you “conspiranoic” because you see the control and manipulation that exercise in the systems over all of us and that does not suit them

They will call you “weird” because you don’t do the same things as the masses, because you get out of the mold and create your own reality

They will call you “absurd” for having different beliefs that they have infused us from childhood

You will be called “disrupted” because you act differently, as established, and because you help, teach, talk about universes and stocks

They will call you “dangerous” for not following their rules, pre-established rules and how you create your own way of life

They will call you “illusional” because you know that we live in a Universe of infinite possibilities, in which everything is possible

They label you in many ways, with judgments and condemnation; but remain firm in your desires and fidelity to your essence, because in the end you will be recognized for what you convey, infect and are, by your magic.

Do not let them lead you to your ground, lower the level of Vibration, create your own path into your inner and trust, if you doubt anything, investigate, if you disagree with any idea for more than many people believe it, seek in you inner

No longer believe everything they tell you, draw own conclusions and manifest your true Being

Always from love, always from Consciousness.