Salvation is NOT found by “Grace through Faith in the name of Jesus Christ…”

Salvation is only for those of Remnant Israel who have followed THE WAY, which was physically walked out by Yahusha, He is our example. By following His example, and doing EXACTLY as He did, we enter into covenant with our Father Yahuah, through His Son Yahusha.

Yahusha followed Yahuah’s design of MIKVEH (in living water for the remission of sin) CIRCUMCISION (of our hearts as we learn obedience to the Torah) and OFFERING (we offer our lives, or our own Will by celebrating Passover each year… we lay down our own Will, and choose to do the Will of Yahuah instead.)

Simply believing in the false Messiah, or the lawless one of 2 Thessalonians known as Jesus Christ, will NOT grant a single person eternal life… this person never physically existed, he did NOT come in the name of Yahuah like the true Messiah did (John 5:43) and he is in fact the one Yahusha warned us would come in his OWN NAME. (John 5:43) And the false teachings surrounding this image of a man have many people blindly following the broad path to destruction.

Let’s address Grace… We are given Grace only when we are actively trying to learn OBEDIENCE to Yahuah’s Torah… when we are Mikveh’d, Yahuah gives us His Spirit, and moves us to follow His Commands… (Ezekiel 36:27) Grace isn’t just given freely to a person following after lawlessness… And as for Faith… when we have “The Faith of Abraham…” We too believe the message of Yahuah’s Plan of Salvation that is written into the stars… When Yahuah showed Abraham the message in the Heavenly Scroll (Zechariah 5 and Psalm 19) which actively declares that a human Messiah (Yahusha) (from Abraham’s seed or his lineage) would be born and die as the Passover Lamb, and be raised again to defeat death and Satan, and reign as King over Yahuah’s Kingdom for eternity… alongside His bride (the son’s and daughter’s of Yahuah…) this is where Abraham’s Faith came from… he had Faith in the Heavenly Scroll, he had Faith in Yahuah’s Plan of Salvation… and when we believe that message that was authored into the stars at the beginning of Creation, we too have the same Faith… Christianity has no solid foundation on what Grace and Faith even are… ask them how they are saved… they will reply with “I’m saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ.” 🤦 No… in order to be saved, we MUST enter into covenant with Yahuah through Yahusha by following THE WAY Yahusha followed… as children of the Most High, we WANT to be obedient just as Yahusha was… not disobedient and lawless, always looking for ways to get out of following everything Yahuah commands of His children… and for our own good might I add.