I’ve wondered why the entertainment industry, being as satanic as they are, choose to make films and TV shows showcasing the Christian faith in any way shape or form. But then I realized that every single film and TV show that involves Christianity actually promotes the pagan side of things. That has been the serpents goal from the beginning…to take the truth, mirror it but twist it to appeal to the pagans. For example, most of the time we see Christian characters they are actually representing the Catholic faith…and we see lots of crosses (wood and stone idolatry), we see rosaries, we hear of mary being exalted, we hear talk of people being burned alive for eternity, we hear the name Jesus again and again, and we hear about the pagan trinity concept that came out of ancient Babylon. So even though the satanic elite are happy to showcase the bible in a lot of films and shows, they make sure that they promote the false Christianity, the Catholic religion, which the serpent has painted as what the bible actually teaches. The devil can be very subtle.