There are twelve densities/aspects of our consciousness just like there are twelve zodiac signs around our solar system/sun, twelve levels to the New Jerusalem, twelve tribes, twelve brothers, twelve stones on the ephod, twelve disciples of the Christ.

There are 12 disciples that represent the twelve dimensions within YOU!

The disciples that surround the Christ (the great cloud of witnesses) all served different purposes for example – Judas betrays the Christ and delivers him up to death. How many times have we delivered ourselves up to death…?

In the parable of the Mustard Seed it is said that the mustard seed begins small and grows so large that the “birds” of heaven come to nest in its branches – the consciousness of the Christ matures through testing, trial and suffering, and then another “aspect” or energy comes in to nest/add to the vibrational makeup of the developing god-man.

This is the change we see in people when we say “he is a totally different person than he used to be.” It is because one aspect fulfills its purpose, steps down, and then another steps up to the plate – still you but with a new set of experiences to fulfill.

All of these aspects are here with is 100% of the time but maybe not so prominent – like the priest consulting the ephod for wisdom – he wore the ephod on his chest and would enquire and the stones would light up to give the answer, each stone with a different impetus for life and living.

I think that sometimes in the cycles of “reincarnation” this truth of multiple aspects occupying the same body can play out in one physical lifetime. In the traditional understanding of reincarnation our multiple lives play out in different bodies, different times. But sometimes I believe that one aspect can surrender its stand and another take the helm. Spiritual rebirth – born again and again and again.

When Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” He was inquiring within to all of the aspects that resided there. This is the question we ask within ourselves as these different aspects present themselves. The Christ even identifies Satan within, as Peter questions the method and reason for the impending death (and ultimate resurrection) of this multidimensional being. The death is to the mortal nature so that we may “come on line” as the new creation, the immortal priesthood of Melchizedek.

Melchizedek is the link between the material and the immaterial worlds. We straddle them both.

The Bible stories all take place within you as you unfold and grow into that which you are destined to become. The creation that is both God and man that creates, fills, occupies, maintains and sustains the material worlds.

Interesting to consider, those that are able to pick up the Bible again and read it though this lens – that these are stories that are speaking in rich symbolic language and telling you about YOU and your journey in human consciousness as you slowly and surely come on line as GOD, or the DIVINE, or the SOURCE! Whatever you want to call yourself – but this is who you are!

You have wrapped yourself up in the swaddling death clothes of being human!!!! You did this to LEARN how to understand frequency and vibration, the language of the universe and as such, you have learned how to create, gather and scatter molecules through the use of thought mingled with the emotional currency that is emitted from your body – the seven churches (or chakras).

The multidimensional man wears the coat of many colors. You are Joseph, thrown into the pit and left for dead sot hat you could learn and develop your skills in the ego-centric kingdom of being human so that you could arise and save yourself…

Just a few thoughts on this.