‘Gospel of the Kingdom was the good news that the time was fulfilled and the government of God was at hand. That government preached by John the Baptist and Jesus was a uniquely separate form of government.

It was and is not based upon the will of rulers who require allegiance but the righteousness of God working through the hearts and minds of individuals living by faith rather than force, hope rather than fear, and love rather than lasciviousness.

Jesus, who was the rightful king of the Kingdom of God, announced that He would take that kingdom away from those who sat in the seat of Moses and give it to those who would bear fruit.

Jesus proclaimed that he would appoint that kingdom, that unique government, to His little flock. Which he did with the basic instructions of not ruling over the people. They would be the princes of that appointed kingdom with at least some directives, they could not exercise authority one over the other, nor force the contributions of the people, but provide for the needs of the people as a servant government.

Jesus said the kingdom of God was not to be like the governments of the world that had Benefactors who exercise authority but depended upon voluntary system of charity of the people, for the people, and by the people, which sets men free, through the perfect law of liberty.

Jesus commanded the people to sit down in ranks of the fifties and hundreds before the miracle of the loaves and fishes would be received at the hands of His appointed “called out” disciples. This pattern of gathering in love and service was to help the people avoid the deeds of the Nicolaitan which God hates

This Gospel of Christ, this good news that Jesus brought, would turn the world upside down. The kingdom of God was not like Cain’s city State, Nimrods Babylon, Pharaoh’s Egypt or Caesar’s Rome. Jesus appointed this unique form of a servant government to men He chose and called out of the world. People who look to and seek their Social Security offered by men like Saul, Caesar or Herod and the Pharisees have already rejected God and become iniquitous as in 1 Samuel 8.’