The teaching or doctrine on election that states that we are free moral agents based on Arminian theory on election (after the founder George Arminian) makes men into a god in the sense that men has a freedom to choose and there is absolutely NO responsibility whatsoever on God’s part to intervene into humanity’s state of affairs. In fact, once God has made men a free moral agent, men was ultimately responsible for his own prosperity and wellbeing as well as his own demise. However, the Arminian theory on election fails to find its anchorage in the Jewish covenants that God established between Himself and the 1st church (Israelites) via Moses in Horeb and Moab. In fact, it contradicts the vows and the promises of God made to the Israelites in the wilderness particularly as it relates to God’s 2nd covenant. The 1st Covenant (Exodus 19) established in Horeb was based on the Israelites vows to God to keep all His commandments which they miserably failed to keep. This was NOT surprising to God as in His omniscience knew all along that men in his fallen nature and sinful state was not going to keep it. Yet He allowed that Covenant to be established to teach and show us that we aren’t sufficient in our own abilities, capacities and capabilities to keep them. Men needed divine intervention for his own sanity, wellbeing and protection. If God were to take the 1st covenant as the final Covenant, there would be no hope for the Israelites and for us.

However, God in His sovereignty, had a divine plan to establish a 2nd covenant with the Israelites which He did at Moab (Deuteronomy 29). The principles and concepts of the 2nd covenant applied not only to the Israelites but also to us – “Now not with you alone am I making this covenant and this oath but with those who stand here with us today (Israelites and aliens within their camps) in the presence of the Lord our God AND WITH THOSE WHO ARE NOT WITH US TODAY..” (v14-15).

The 2nd Covenant was literally based on God’s vows to the Israelites as opposed to men’s vows to God. It shows God’s sovereignty in its fullest expression. It caters for humanity’s frailties particularly his inabilities, incapabilities and insufficiencies to keep God’s commandments and divine laws. His plan was to restore all His creation through His Son Jesus, the lamb that was slained before the foundation of the world. Men would exercise his free will and freedom to choose to serve God. Yet God in His omniscience and sovereignty via the 2nd covenant knew that it was ultimately His responsibility to restore His creation now and in the future. Does this mean God will ignore the sins humanity have committed? NO. Sin must be dealt with; it cannot be ignored or brushed aside as God is a righteous God. That is why God raised the church to be His mouthpiece in the earth to preach Christ to all men. However what it does mean is that ultimately God will reform His creation and sinners via His divine laws which has the power to transform sinners into righteous saints. His divine laws are NOT punitive but are restorative in nature.

Though God knew men had free will and is a free moral agent, God also knew men’s free will was never always going to be exercised correctly as men in His fallen state and his diverse circumstances was never ever going to receive a FAIR MEASURE of the love of God administered to him on a personal level however that love is administered to him. Any men that experienced that measure of God’s love was transformed. God being Almighty God, a God who is LOVE and a loving father knows our frame and fallen state and is NOT wishing for men to perish but for ALL to come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9). God’s “wish” is NOT men’s wish rather His “wish” will translate to fulfilment and reality of seeing all men being restored at the end of the age.

Hence, God in disseminating to men free will gave men the “stewardship” of his free will which he is to exercise scripturally. By no means did He abdicate His responsibility over His creation by giving “ownership” of free will to men. That’s affirmed by the vows He made to the Israelites via the 2nd covenant. The 2nd covenant was dependent upon God, the Faithful Partner, to keep His vows. It wasn’t dependent upon men.