The Five Fold Ministry is still needed

The corporate Church in PNG is still very naive in the things of God. Many Christians understanding of God, the doctrine, and the things of God are very shallow. A major reason why this is the case is that the corporate Church had failed to embrace the ministry of apostles and prophets. Instead many churches were headed by evangelists, pastors and teachers. Though evangelists, pastors and teachers have unique ministerial graces to minister to the congregation, the bible plainly states that “apostles and prophets” are to lay down the “foundations” of doctrine upon which the evangelists, pastors and teachers can build upon. Christ is the foundation and foundation laying is an apostolic work not an evangelical, pastoral or teaching work. It is the spiritual mandate of apostles to lay Christ the foundation into the congregation. Evangelists can only lead people to Christ but it takes an apostolic work and grace to place Christ into believers. The proper doctrine placed by apostles as foundation work into believers will see the emergence of the manifestation of the life of Christ in believers. God created the fivefold ministries (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) to work in tandem and in harmony with each other. The fivefold ministerial graces are not to work in isolation of each other. When the fivefold graces operate independently of each other in the corporate Body of Christ, the corporate Church in the city or nation will remain malnourished, weak and naive in its understanding of God and the apostolic doctrine. The Early Church in the book of Acts fellowshipped around the “apostles doctrine” not a evangelist, pastor or teacher’s doctrine. Doctrines are entrusted by God to apostles to steward them on earth so God’s divine plans and purposes in that eon (age) can be fulfilled. Prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are to take the apostolic doctrines from apostles and build on them by decomposing the doctrines into more detailed truths relevant to the spiritual needs of their congregation. Evangelists, pastors and teachers have unique ministerial graces that can take the high level apostolic doctrine and truths and simplify and further decompose truths into bite size chunks to disseminate to their congregation. All fivefold ministries have unique callings and graces; by that token, not one ministerial grace is better than the other and vice versa.

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