The Bible is Hated, but it is still God’s Word

If the Bible was really a means of controlling the masses then it would be force fed to your children by their teachers, scriptures would be plastered all over movies/TV/the internet/video games/media, and public schools would have mandatory Bible study classes to make sure that everyone was being properly indoctrinated.

Instead we see in reality that it is an abomination in the world’s eyes to raise up your kid on the Bible, scriptures are almost never seen in movies/TV/the internet/video games/media, and most public schools have banned the Bible altogether.

Now lets look at what things ARE being FORCED into the minds of the masses in reality by the powers that be. Godlessness, self-realization, sex/lewdness, witchcraft, greed, sexual confusion, alcohol, scientism, vanity, drugs, and even straight up Satanism!

The Bible isn’t the ball and chain shackling you down, the Bible is the only thing that can UNshackle you if you are truly willing to be set at liberty. This is why the world hates it, wants to destroy it, and wants to silence/shame/hurt/kill anyone who promotes it in public settings.

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