The Bible in the Matrix

There’s nothing demonic about acknowledging the height and weight and vastness of the great barrier that surrounds us as modern humans. We’re manipulated at every turn within our consciousness. Either we’ve been lied to about our food, nutrition, our bodies, the environment, technology, our history, religions and so much more, or we are somehow the newly awakened orphans of a distant realm. All I know for sure is this, I don’t know. If I’m to be responsible for anyone’s permanent spiritual outlook and personal approach towards living life, then I must say “no comment.” I must admit that I believe it would be foolish for me (or really anyone) to tell you how you should live a second of your life, since I’m not afraid to be intellectually and emotionally honest with you enough to humbly state that I simply do not know. That is the definition of my agnosticism.

Yes there are many reasons that I’ve decided to regard the Bible as only an additional means of mind and population control. I regard it more as propaganda that’s gone far, far out of control. Trust me, I understand it’s strength, but I also understand its many “flaws” as a “god-breathed work.” It’s a man-made work that mirrors many previous works in many ways. It’s development proves its use as a power system to keep its believers humble, meek, poor, gentle, kind and never fighting with their leaders. There has never been any real power in the church, there is no proof of any real miracles ever occurring at any time from the beginning of time till now. The biggest miracle I’ve seen is simply the very fact that we as humans have no idea who the hell we are or how we got here and yet we claim to anyway in order to manipulate and control the behaviors of other humans.

There is so much that has been compromised within this matrix, it seems like no one knows anything about anything. Why are we still so unlearned about every area of history? Why is everything just a guess and a theory? Why has so much been hidden away by the “powers that be” over time? Doesn’t that prove that everything is a narrative? Doesn’t it prove that every “fact” of history could potentially have an agenda? Does anyone in this entire realm even know the answers to these impossible questions or have we all just completely lost ourselves overtime? Are there other continents? Are there people “out there” somewhere we can’t reach in the same way Truman couldn’t leave his prescribed and controlled habitat? It’s possible. Why wouldn’t it be?

If national level mind control via propaganda is possible, and history has demonstrated it is, and if national level mind control via propaganda is legal, and the law demonstrates it is, then we have no choice but to assume that everything we’re allowed to understand has an agenda of mind control. I no longer give the Bible any exception to this rule, since I understand very fully where the Bible came from, and it wasn’t a miracle. Just as the many other holy books (quran, book of mormon, etc.) were also not miraculous. These books were nothing more than a means of control over population groups, and that’s exactly how they’ve been used. Humans have been enslaved and paying taxes to religious organizations as far back as we can see, and humans have been willing to sacrifice everything, even their own lives, for their gods, goddesses or even simply on the principle of honor alone. That doesn’t make any of their gods real or true, and that includes those who die in honor of YHWH or Christ. People allow themselves to be killed on principle every day, but that alone doesn’t logically prove any of their principles to be any more true.

Yes, I still think we’re being lied to about the shape of literally everything, but I’m taking a different approach to living my life with the purpose of making this one count, since I can’t tell you, my friends, my family, my wife or even myself with 100% certainty what happens after we stop breathing. All I know is what happens during most near death experiences happens to every race, gender and religion regardless of what they believe. Those who’ve experimented or studied the effects of DMT will tell you that what each person experiences near death is a massive hit of the remarkably psychoactive / hallucinogenic compound DMT which is stored within the pineal gland. More recent science has proven this to be true, that this gland does store and likely produce DMT, a substance that is natural to the human body, and designed to take us on these otherworldly experiences. I am not personally interested in taking DMT and that is not at all the point.

The point is that I can not promise you anything other than this life now, the one you’re currently living. In that case, I would rather spend my time encouraging people of YouTube no matter what they believe, to live an emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically healthy life right now, and I’d rather share what’s been helpful to me, with you, because it’s what I know best and it’s what I’m most passionate about. I’m just being honest, and I have no “demonic” agenda against the church of God, I just refuse to be bullied by Christians any longer since I’ve been putting up with it since the day I was born. Again I state, “there’s nothing demonic about acknowledging the bubble.”

But God diggity damn I’ve never encountered a more hateful bunch than christians… Now I truly understand the existence of the Church of Satan, which literally exists merely to annoy and piss off Christians, themselves full well knowing that Satan isn’t even real. It makes sense, it’s tempting to stay angry forever. I’d personally rather move on; however, and spend my time focusing on those things that are good, not those things that I hate. I hope Christians can learn to do the same.

I refuse to live in fear, guilt and shame, since those are all means of control historically used by manipulators and narcissists. I refuse to be a victim anymore. I was a victim, now I’m a survivor.

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