Christians Conforming to the World

Non-Christians are evil to the core –they have no power to prevent their own deterioration, and if left to themselves, all human societies would become increasingly perverse and corrupt. But Christians are the salt of the earth. Although genuine transformation can come only by spiritual regeneration, God preserves the world from plunging into complete chaos and insanity by applying Christian influence to it.

As the world heads toward greater corruption and ultimate destruction, Christians labor toward the opposite direction by their distinctives, such as those listed in the Beatitudes. This generates great hostility from the unbelievers, so that they insult, persecute, and slander the Christians, although Christians are precisely what the world needs for civilization to survive.

Christians face constant resistance from unbelievers, and they often sense the pressure to compromise their distinctives and to conform to the world. Just as salt becomes useless when it is dissolved or diluted, Christians lose their effectiveness when they allow their beliefs and practices to be dissolved by fear and compromise, and their influence is diluted when they allow false doctrines to invade their minds, and false converts to infiltrate their churches.

Examples of compromise abound in the lives of Christians. Sometimes they conform their thinking and behavior to the non-Christian culture around them, and sometimes they compromise the gospel message to please those who hear them. Sinclair Ferguson says it well:

{“Cease to be different, and we cease to be Christians. How slow we often are to learn this lesson. At times we fall into the trap of being blackmailed by a world that says,

“Unless I find your life attractive on my own terms, I will not respond to the message of the gospel.”

But if we yield at that point, we become prisoners of perpetual blackmail. I have sometimes heard Christians witness to people in these terms: “You mustn’t think being a Christian takes away your fun. I can enjoy doing the same things you do. Being a Christian isn’t a series of don’ts!” Much of this may be true, but why should the church be so concerned to tell the world that it is not really very different from the world? The church then becomes both powerless and pointless.”}

Churches have embraced religious pluralism, moral relativism, political activism, and biological evolutionism. They have adopted secular and unbiblical theories on everything from psychology to cosmology, and from education to administration. They encourage abortionists to promote their cause, and ordain homosexuals to the ministry.

“Salt” in rabbinic metaphorical language often carries the idea of “wisdom.” As Paul writes, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone” (Colossians 4:6). Christ’s use of salt as a metaphor implies that Christians are the sages, whereas non-Christians are the fools of this world. The words, “loses its saltiness” (v. 13; mōranthē), in other contexts mean “to become foolish.”

Claiming to be houses of worship, many churches have become dens of morons –they are filled with non-Christians. God disapproves of them, and even though they have become diluted, the world still laughs at them. They have become worthless.

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