Television is one of the primary ways in which to manipulate consciousness on a daily basis and was essentially released to the public with this sole purpose in mind. This is why it was imperative for the social engineers that these mind control devices made their way into most people’s homes.

Through clever marketing over many generations, the TV has become a household staple. Those who do not have a TV in their home are often frowned upon and perceived as ‘abnormal’. This is unsurprising considering that there are now more TVs than people, in the average western household.

Below I have listed the primary ways in which television is used as a weapon against humanity:

Shapes Public Opinion

TV is designed to infiltrate the minds of the general public and shape the way that we think, act and behave. We can develop certain preferences, beliefs and biases, without consciously being aware that it came from the influence of things we have watched. Tell-a-vision programming is used to mould the way we view politics, history, work life, family life, relationships, national identity and culture – to name just a few.

Hypnotize The Masses

TV programmes are essentially a form of hypnosis, leaving many people at the complete mercy of their programmers. Television puts us in an alpha state of consciousness, which is a hypnotic dream-like state. This makes people more suggestible to nefarious subliminal influence from the screen. Notice when someone is fixated upon the TV, how they barely blink, nor move their head. It can sometimes prove very difficult to snap someone out of this trance.

Subliminal Messaging

Many popular TV shows and movies (especially originating from Hollywood) are laced with subliminals, which are essentially hidden messages/sounds, which prey upon the unconscious mind. These shape our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and perceptions, without us realizing. These subliminals cannot be seen or heard at face value, which makes them harder to detect. They are often hidden behind gripping storylines, in order to keep the viewers distracted and unaware of the mind control, which is operating in the shadows.

Subliminal hidden messaging can be so powerful that the target population can actually respond to diseases subliminally instilled upon them by their programmers. This is an unconscious form of the nocebo effect.

Predictive Programming

TV programs, especially big budget films, are designed to predictively program the public, by either consciously or subconsciously priming us for planned future scenarios, which we then assist in bringing into reality, through the collective unconscious.

Infiltration of The Mind

The images and sounds from the TV set often get imprinted into both our conscious and unconscious mind. You may notice visuals or sounds from a recent TV programme appear randomly in your head, keeping your mind busy and distracted. When you close your eyes, you may also notice rapid flashes of light and colour, flickering upon your eyelids, especially whilst you trying to sleep (which can keep you awake at night).

Visuals/sounds can also infiltrate your dreams, blocking valuable unconscious messages which play out whilst you sleep (in order to be recognized and integrated). To those who wish to cut down their television usage, minimizing night-time TV is a great place to start.


The increasing dominance of modern-day streaming platforms has seen a simultaneous boom in the release of addictive television series, which have now become just as popular as film (arguably more so). These series are made to be as gripping and addictive as possible, in order to keep people hooked, distracted and easily influenced, whilst providing a ripe opportunity for a continuous barrage of subliminal influence.

Propaganda Machine

TV is one of the primary ways in which to broadcast state-sponsored propaganda, which is designed to induce fear, shape public opinion and perpetuate the status quo. These nefarious mind control programmes are usually run through national news networks, which are nothing other than government mouthpieces, broadcasting lies on a daily basis (Tell-lie-vision). Everything you see on news stations have a very clear agenda. Everything from imagery, colour scheme, language (spell-ing) and sound is carefully designed to achieve a specific psychological outcome, which is anything but favourable.

Negative Influence

As inspiring, positively emotional and educational as some TV can be, this is exceeded by the level of negative influence propagated through the tube. Violence, gore, lust, superficiality and moral degeneracy are reoccurring themes in modern day film/tv series, which then gets instilled into the consciousness of the masses and plays out in everyday reality. This is particularly concerning when it comes to children, who are known to emulate what they see on screen.

Electromagnetic Weaponry

Most TV sets now are SMART, making them a part of the ‘Internet of Things’. This is essentially an interconnected network of wireless devices, all connected to the internet, for the purposes of cross-communication, surveillance and to form a low-vibrational electromagnetic grid, soon to shroud the entire planet.

The electromagnetic frequencies emitted by electronic devices, such as TV, are incompatible with our biological frequency, which then lowers our vibrational state.

Sedentary/Unhealthy Lifestyle

Television promotes a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. We can all conjure up an image in our minds of a Homer Simpson type character, slumped over the sofa, with a beer in hand and overindulging in unhealthy snacks. Getting into the routine of frequent TV watching can lead to passiveness, laziness and apathy. It can also ruin optimal biomechanics, through poor postural habits and can damage eyesight, especially with the bright modern LCD displays.


TV keeps us locked in a head-centric, disembodied state of consciousness, where we are divorced from the deep wisdom of our holistic bodies. When we are operating primarily from the head, we can become consumed by excessive thought, which disconnects us from the present moment and can induce anxiety, tiredness and loss of mental clarity.


Whilst television can be an admittedly fun social activity for the family, it usually makes families more anti-social, especially considering the large amount of TV that the average household consumes. Combine this with frequent mobile phone usage (which is often multitasked with the TV), then this is a recipe for fractured social and familial dynamics. It is very hard to capture the attention of someone who’s attention is fixed firmly upon the screen.

Persistent TV watching disconnects us from the reality of everyday life. Try watching back-to-back episodes of a TV series and notice how you feel less grounded in reality, when attempting to reintegrate back into the real world.