The general population are under a collective hypnotic spell by dark occultists, who have advanced knowledge of the human psyche and the nature of reality, far beyond levels we can comprehend. With this knowledge comes great power and the ability to inflict systematic control over the global population, who become unwitting slaves to their agenda.

This mind virus, which isn’t too different to a computer virus, attacks the software (our minds), which then influences the hardware (our perception).

The virus (known in some cultures as Wetiko) isolates the five-sense mind from expanded awareness, thereby keeping people trapped in a limited sensory perception, which is unable to look beyond the rigid confines of the mainstream narrative, as propagated through various forms of societal conditioning.

The hypnotic effects of this mind virus are so pervasive that it convinces people to believe they have autonomy over their own thoughts, judgements and perceptions, when in reality they are just regurgitating programmed suggestions from their social engineers.

These suggestions are implanted into the subconscious of the human psyche. Because this influence is outside of our conscious awareness, it makes it almost impossible to detect.

TV and film (especially from Hollywood) are laced with subliminals (outside of our direct line of awareness) which shape our thoughts, perceptions and behaviour, without us realizing. Whenever we tune into the TV, we are entering the hypnagogic or alpha brain-wave state. This is a ‘day-dream’ state of hypnotic suggestion, where we are the most receptive to absorbing the information we are entranced by on the screen. These subliminals are hidden behind gripping storylines that keep us distracted and focused only on what we see at face value.

Mainstream media employ similar tactics, using very specific imagery, colour schemes and language in order to influence the subconscious mind and broadcast propaganda, which serves to perpetuate the consensus reality. There is a particular emphasis on words (spell-ing), which have a much greater influence on people (unconsciously) than they would imagine. Most people would be shocked if they were to discover the sinister root meaning of certain words (primarily derived from Latin).

The underlying purpose of these subliminal influences is to broadcast fear into the target population, thereby creating helpless and frightened individuals, who look to an authority figure (government), in the hopes of salvation. These people are under a literal spell, whereby they learn to love their oppressors (Stockholm Syndrome) and attack those who attempt to break them out of their programming. We have seen this time and time again this year, where the obedient mob attack anyone who dares to question the official narrative or who choose not to obey the draconian measures.

Those who are victim of this collective hypnosis become part of a hive-mind, where uniqueness is traded for uniformity. Group-think behaviour is adopted and ‘unconventional’ thought is chastised.

Once we acknowledge that Wetiko exists, then its influence is finished, as it is now out of the unseen and into the seen. This is what waking up truly means. It means we have broken the spell and can now see the influence of our programming and begin the journey to reverse it. The unconscious becomes conscious. We regain control of our thoughts, feelings and perceptions and become the masters again of our own fate.