Speaking in tongue is a deep spiritual exercise but when you engage in it without the consciousness of your immortality identity, the exercise becomes a religious punishment. (Many are in that religious boat now.)You must be conscious of something while talking in Tongues.

That’s what makes it effective. Philemon 6 say we should acknowledge all the good things in us in Christ. To acknowledge is to be conscious or to be consciously aware of a reality.

Don’t leave your mind blank when speaking in tongues please. Practice being conscious of the revelation of Christ immortal unsearchable riches. Those riches are what defines your identity as one born of incorruptible word of God which lives and abides forevermore.Your mind is not suppose to be left blank when you talk in tongue because your mind is the mind of Christ.

This mind of Christ Christ which is is now your mind is never blank because it holds the record and the revelation knowledge of God’s civilization. The carnal mind which is the human brain is not what you are to use to engage kingdom realities.