If we follow the redemption plan of our Creator, keeping the Torah of Yahuah, we are counted among the citizenship of Yasharal; not a gentile, foreign nation. In fact, we are no longer gentiles at all (Eph. 2:11-13), although we were at one time strangers to the covenants. After our immersion, there is no distinction, and no dividing wall between us and a native-born Yasharalite. The main idea that people seem to be steered away from when words like “Christian” are examined closely is that the original word (the Hebrew word, Mashyach) is not being brought to the table, but is typically kept from the discussion.

The word “Christianity” is not found in the Scriptures at all, so there is no such thing in reality. Misdirection is used to convince the listener of supposed facts which are not true, and by simply saying the lie often enough, it will become familiar, and therefore comfortable. In this particular case, the premise is that the original word was this Greek word “Christos,” since it is emphasized (by those with an agenda to preserve the error of tradition) that the disciples of Yahusha all spoke and wrote in Greek.

We are expected to pay no mind that Greek is a foreign language to the people of Yasharal. It’s a promotion of the Jesuits to believe that the Mashyach and His students spoke to one another, and wrote everything down, in Greek. The truth is, Greek was a transitional language, or translation, of the original texts originally written in Hebrew.

Hebrew is mentioned 11 times in the Natsarym Writings (NT), and the word “Aramaic” is not found anywhere in all of Scripture.