Ancient Hebrew scrolls are written with symbolic letters and each letter could be understood without being educated or learned. Because only Mosha (Moses) was learned in the wisdom of the Egyptian at the time these scrolls was written. Therefore the meaning of the Words are symbolic with the letters, so that the common unlearned Yisraeli could understand.
But the paleo Hebrew is phonetic, which was the writing used at the time of YaHusuah and could be understood by the learned. E.g John 7:15 And the Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?. The meaning of this name YaHuaH is understood in the ancient symbols letters.

  1. Yod is a fallen or dead Uau.
  2. Hay with his two hands raised to give strength or life to the Yod just like Moses gave Israel strength against the Amalekite. Exodus 17:11
  3. Uau is raised from the dead by
  4. Hay that liveth.
    Therefore Yah means the raiser of the dead or the Quicking One.
    Uah means He liveth
    YaHuaH means the Quicking One liveth.
    Or the Raiser of the dead, liveth.