To connect with Jesus is most certainly a commendable endeavor, and has been the noble pursuit of countless spiritual masters throughout the annals of history. Of course, it can become a mere posturing contest if one’s ego goes unchecked.

Humility is absolutely necessary, while also possessing a healthy understanding of the shadow self. Disowning it or denying it will inevitably lead us to project our more unpleasant characteristics on others, which will actually hurt everyone involved in the process.

As we raise our consciousness, we find a balance between these seemingly polar natures, a mediatory state of being that yours truly refers to as the mastered self. On this plane of awareness, we can be our best and brightest selves and own our internal darkness.

Spiritual humanists succeed in being the most efficient difference-makers they can ever be simply by living out this balance of higher self and shadow self, i.e. the mastered self. Devotion to authenticity cannot be stressed enough, for it bears witness to Real God in us.