For those familiar with the Gnostic text, The Apocrypha of John.

He explains the creation of Yaldabaoth.

How Yaldabaoth was created in darkness and ignorance. How he created 7 heavens with 7 Archangels to rule those heavens who then created subordinates.

I would like you to consider something.

Consider that Yaldabaoth is the mind.
That this Mind created 7 main powers or energy centers also known as Chakras.

These powers are rulers within the body or flesh and they created lesser powers or subordinates.

This is all an explanation of the Brain/Mind and the nervous system that comes from the Mind.

What is the first thing that forms in a human fetus within the womb/matrix/darkness?

The Brain and spinal cord.

This power.

This power, Yaldabaoth, received his power or “Light” from Sophia/Mother/Earth/Mary.

This Light is the Christ that walks in the midst of those 7 powers/candlesticks/churches/seals.

But the Mind is not aware of this Light.

If the light in you be darkness (unknown) then how great that ignorance (darkness).

You are the light that is walking in the midst of these powers.

Silent, still small voice.

Your body is the dragon, Lucifer.

Christ is the One that tames the dragon.

Everything the MIND creates in this world is only a reflection of the Spirit world as it turns everything upside down and backwards.

Because it is looking at it and not as it.

It is looking at reality, true spiritual reality as the reflection (looking at it) instead of seeing true spiritual reality as reality (looking AS it).

To he who overcomes I will…….

The Bible is about the process of Internally going from the Root Chakra, Genitals, Genesis; to receiving your Crown, the crown chakra, sitting on the throne of the Mind and ruling over all the Heavens (7) and all the powers.

This is your job as the Human flesh is a newly formed species within the Kingdom of God.

You are to take the Beast and not take its mark which means to live from and to be ruled by the lower nature.

As above so below.

Some people came to this through the story of Jesus, some through Krishna, some through Buddha, some through Massaw etc.

The Christ has manifest itself in every culture.

Jesus was not the Only Christ but was a Christ.

And you will know if they know the Christ by the fruit that tree brings forth.

Not doctrine, theology, cleaver speech, degrees etc.

I can look at the fruit of a tree and buy it, even if they never heard of Jesus, can tell if they know their true authentic self as Christ and if the Christ rules and reigns over their dragon or not.

But the point to this post is to connect Yaldabaoth to the physical portion of who you think you are verses the Spiritual Reality of who you really are.