Many countries all over the earth recently announced that clubs will legally require covid passports for entry from September, with other social activities inevitably following suit (in other countries too). There is a silver lining here. With chaos always comes opportunity.

These new restrictions for the unjabbed are presenting us with the perfect opportunity to reimagine new ways to socialize and enjoy ourselves, which don’t involve damaging the body through reckless and unhealthy habits (such as drinking).

We only accept destructive habits as ‘normal’ because of social and cultural conditioning, grafted upon us by those who benefit from our disempowerment. This insidious mind control begins from birth and is so powerful that it convinces people to engage in harmful habits, on the mere basis that they are deemed ‘normal’ or ‘socially acceptable’.

Without social pressure, there would inevitably be far less people who drink or go clubbing. This is why there are some countries which barely consume alcohol (in some instances, due to religious reasons), whilst in other countries, getting blind drunk is the societal norm (England being right up there). This illustrates the power of the hive mind, which is systematically fashioned by the social engineers, as a means to homogenize and therefore more easily control the global population.

Isn’t it interesting that when someone asks; ‘do you drink?’, or ‘what do you drink?’, they are almost invariably referring to alcohol. If you turned round and said water, I can almost guarantee you’ll be met with a disapproving look.

Everywhere we turn, there are invitations to ‘drink’. Mainstream western culture, not only legalises, but glorifies alcohol, creating the mass perception that non-drinkers are ‘boring’ or ‘socially inept’. At University, getting blind drunk is seen as a kind of rite of passage in freshers/freshman years. The programming runs so deep that having a hangover (destroying the body) is seen as the sign of a ‘good night’ (a popular Hollywood movie was even named in its honour).

Remarkably, alcohol is not even considered a drug in the global public lexicon, despite meeting every definition of the word. Because it is legalized on this basis, it convinces people that it’s less harmful than other more natural (and noticeably less dangerous) substances, despite the fact that it leads to many more thousands of deaths every year.

Again, this illustrates the programmed mind of the masses, who believe what they are told, with little to no independent thinking. Instead, their minds are moulded and almost entirely responsive to the sensory and subconscious inputs imparted upon them by the social engineers.

Self-destructive pursuits are purposely propagated through mainstream culture, namely TV, film, advertising, media, entertainment and celebrity cult-ure, all of which are controlled and enforced by the global puppeteers. Entire populations have been disarmed through these kinds of disempowering, yet normalised social habits. Alcohol is permitted in part because it leads to docile, apathetic and submissive behaviour, which helps the cult agenda move forward, with little to no opposition.

In order total the power back, we have to reconnect to more harmonious ways of living, even if it means going against the societal norm. This is what these so-called ‘restrictions’ are inviting us to do.

There is no better time to reevaluate our priorities and consider what will will truly fulfill us on all levels.

Nature, community and creativity can provide us with all we need to live a joyful and meaningful life, uninhibited by the demands of the social controllers. Everything else we think we need has simply been programmed into us, in order to turn us into insecure, mindless consumers, who feel that we constantly need more to be happy. What a much more wonderful place the world would be if everyone realized that the reverse was true.