The mystery is not, Jesus in you.

The mystery is Christ in you, as you.

Jesus was the Master Teacher that brought forth the teachings and revelation to connect us back to the Heart.

He told us that the exact same Spirit that created everything and holds everything together lives in us.

That our minds needed to be renewed to this truth.

Jesus did NOT come to start a religion. He did not come to have us build buildings to congregate in. He did not come for us to further divide by establishing denominations, or clicks or social groups or monopolies or money gimmicks.

Jesus did not come to be worshipped. He did not come to be turned into an idol.

He did not come for you to use his name at the end of every prayer or to summon powers by invoking his name to have something done.

He came to reveal the power that has always laid dormant inside of you.

He came to wake you up to who you really are and to tell you that you have all the power he did when he walked the Earth.

To idolize Jesus is to miss the mark, to sin.

Because that means you see yourself somehow separate from him.

Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert (as an idol), man has lifted up Jesus in the same manner.

He knew this would happen. That we would not understand his teachings, in which his disciples barely understood, and that we would create an idol of him.

He said it is better that I go. Because if he stayed we would have never turned within to find our true identity.

I love Yeshua. I honor him and what he did while on this Earth and yes I even use to worship him.

But that is before, by the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, I found the true meanings of his teachings.

I choose to actually live out and up to the prayer he prayed in the Garden before being killed by those (the beast ego nature), who chose to try and silence the Christ within from sitting on the throne of my body.

Mankind has totally flipped what Jesus came to do upside down and backwards.

Jesus the flesh and blood man does not live inside you, but the eternal Christ Spirit does.

And that is your true identity.

The eternal Love of the Father/Mother God made manifest.