Lies and Truths

These theories have been around for a long time now. Since the dawn of time for us as a species, there have been those in control of earth from a multidimensional level.

There have been those eradicating knowledge and inner knowing from the masses and those increasing it. There is a trend which is fairly obvious now, since the dawn of the ages you either go with what those in authority say or go against. Those going against have been murdered, hung, tortured and more recently put into prison. So the consensus is those in power are hiding something and they don’t want the ordinary person to know.

The best way to keep the masses from discovering the truth is to keep them sick, docile and in fear. This is something that is obviously going on now.

The answer to all of this and always has been the answer, raise your own consciousness through self discovery and healing. Be willing to let go of the past for something new. This doesn’t just apply internally but externally as well. Many believe that there is healing to do within them and what they are being may not be true to who they are. But many are also reluctant to question what their government and the people in power in their country are doing and whether they are loving and have your best interests at heart. I am yet to hear of a politician with a huge loving heart that wants the best for their people. Except those that have already been killed by the US military.

It is strange that we put so much faith into a government we all know are corrupt. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet we turn to them in times of need without question. We are not that desperate as a society yet. We simply need to remember that sovereignty is our birthright. You are responsible for your health, mental and emotional and you are also responsible for your own choices. We put a government in charge that does not serve us, it is not time yet to overthrow and turn the tables as not enough people are awake to the true agenda of what those in power are up to. It stretches as vastly as it does because the true ones in charge are those running the federal reserve, a privately owned company that owns and prints money for nearly every government in the world.

This is who we owe money to, a private group of families that own and print the money for the entire planet. There are a few countries left that do not yet have their money owned by the federal reserve, those countries are next on the list to be invaded by the US.

If you are ever questioning whether there is something else going on in government ask why do we not print our own money? Who is your country in debt to?

There is small group of families that run the world. They are the ones that run your politicians they are also the ones that own the pharmaceutical industry. The same ones that created the other diseases and things we va$$inate against. This time it is different they know the consciousness of humanity is raising to a dangerously high point, to many are now becoming aware of who they are and what their agenda is for humanity. This is their last and final attempt because multidimensionally the war is wrapping up and they have lost.

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