Following Christ the Esoteric Way

I know Christ said that if we want to follow him we must:

  1. Repent/confess our sins: in modern translation this is kind of like what can be done when we see a psychiatrist. We look back on our past and start to move through our past actions and emotions and start letting go of those things. Turning away from them.
  2. Deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow him: This essentially is giving up our fleshly desire/ego and crucifying it. Jesus’ faith was true Gnosis because he was showing us the way to eternal life allowing his flesh to be crucified having gnosis that our soul once born again in spirit is eternal. His sacrifice shows us the way and what we must do to realize our own salvation.
  3. He tells us how we can identify other true Christians that are walking the path by their fruit and he tells us what the good fruits of the spirit are: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith, gentleness, meekness, temperance.
  4. He tells us how we can develop good fruits and become great in the Kingdom of heaven: He says we must “learn to be the servants of all.”
  5. He reveals how we must be born again and this is where real gnosis and esotericism come into play: I’m certain this part comes from ancient mystery schools and teachings found around the world and what I am still trying myself to discover: we must be born again by water and spirit. I think baptism is just symbology for something that must happen within us and some of this knowledge is revealed in alchemy and other traditions. I feel like it is hidden because it can be used for good but can also be used for evil. This is the mystery and the deepest esotericism having a rich deep history in every spiritual tradition.
  6. Christ reveals enough exoterically to find the answers: Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. All of us can find the answers by performing the works above I believe.
  7. The most revealing part of his exoteric ministry was when he told us that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. But you won’t find it in the clouds, in deep space, under the sea or any place. But the kingdom of heaven is within you and it is all around you. It just won’t reveal itself until you have done the works. Faith without works is dead!

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