Religion That Has Been Replaced

Most religious people don’t know their entire religion is a repackaging of ancient Sumerian myths in the old testament, and Egyptian, gnostic texts in the New Testament. They don’t realize Christianity prior to Nicean Creed has more in common with New Age than modern day Catholic Christianity. This isn’t an opinion. This is a fact.

Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Norse, and sumerian etc all have their own similar creation epics, as well as flood epics. Use comparative Mythology, use syncretism.

The Enuma Elish
The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Atra-hasis
The Code of Hammurabi

‘the other Bible’
‘the gnostic Bible’
‘the nag hammadi scriptures’
‘The Pistis Sophia’
A Masonic King James Holy Bible from ebay.

Think of the old testament in relation to the new testament in the literalized current form of dogma infused with what you’ve read in the other books mentioned and books left out of the Bible and look within for the answer.

The message of the New Testament is to use your heart over your mind’s lower base desires. This is why every archaic picture of Jesus shows him pointing to his flaming heart.

You cannot serve two masters. Which will be your master?
Your heart or your untaimed mind?

Cultivate the empty field of the mind to harvest good fruit from the heart.

There are four gospels that were included in the Bible, yet there’s evidence that there were many more. What makes those 4 special? During the Council of Nicea the most influential Bishops hashed out what official Christianity would be and these 4 were picked because they reinforced “their” beliefs and what they wanted the religion to be. All others were deemed heretical and burned. Few copies have been rediscovered like the Dead Sea Scrolls and they offer other teachings and points of view. Reincarnation makes much more sense than once and done. The Bible is a compilation of books MEN put together to influence other men. Not God to influence man.

Originally Christianity embraced reincarnation but the Church wanted more immediate control over its members so they switched to the “one life” doctrine forcing believers to live a guilt and anxiety ridden lifestyle.

I’ve studied quite a few Near Death Experiences and read books on past life regression and then read the recently discovered gnostic scriptures which predate Christianity from the Nag Hammadi library and the Pistis of Sophia you’ll see that their similarities are amazing. In the Pistis of Sophia Jesus described in great detail how souls continue to reincarnate and “drink from a cup of forgetfulness” before each lifetime and that a soul should raise their spiritual awareness until they obtain gnosis which is knowledge through spiritual experience.

You won’t find a clear passage in the Bible that says reincarnation exists. What you do find are clues and allegories…The most popular would be the passage where Jesus tells his disciples that John the Baptist is the spirit of Elijah;

In fact, Matthew 11:14 Jesus says, And if YOU ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT IT, he is the Elijah who was to come.

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