I don’t know of any better way to show people that it’s when we admit the worst parts of us that we see the best parts of God. Someone once said, “We glorify a water fountain by coming thirsty and drinking deeply.” This means that it’s when we are real—when we confess our sins, demonstrate our desperation, acknowledge our neediness, tell the truth about our fears and insecurities and struggles and secrets, admit that we are selfish and arrogant and controlling and self-righteous and unforgiving—THAT is when we discover a Savior who came, not for the righteous, but for sinners—a Savior who graciously rescues bad and weak people who fail because bad and weak people who fail are all that there are.

Trust me, those parts of you that you are most fearful of disclosing—the parts of you that get jealous, the parts of you that are greedy, the parts of you that lust for what you don’t have, the parts of you that hate, the parts of you that thirst for vengeance, the parts of you that are painfully insecure—those are the very parts that will be most helpful to people if you admit them.

Opening up about your struggles helps people so much more then talking about your strengths. People may be somewhat inspired when you share your successes with them, but they connect with you (and feel less alone) when you share your failures with them.

After all, it is in our weakness that God showcases his strength.